Princess for Children?




We are considering cruising with our pret teens next Spring vacation. We are considering Princess' Golden Princess. Would we be betten with the kids going on CCL or RCCL?


we have sailed princess over seven times and always had an extremely
enjoyable cruise. we are brits and apart from a couple of carib cruises
have found that generally princess have an older crowd on board.
one cruise there was only two kids who seemed a little lonely.

having said that i see you are on the new golden princess which is
the latest flagship and if you are going in spring break then there is
bound to be a lot of children around.

personally i would avoid spring break like the plague.


My kids prefer Carnival's program but they most definitely enjoyed the Princess one too. We were on the Grand and they were 10 and 12 at the time. The staff was wonderful, but then they (and I) always find the councilors to be great no matter which cruise ship. Sorry I don't know anything about RCCL but you can't go wrong with Princess or Carnival.


My SIL's family, which includes two daughters, ages 15 and 18, just returned from a cruise on the Sea Princess during spring break, mid March. They had a wonderful time. Lots of families, all ages of children, and all having a good time, without any crazy, rowdy behavior.


The Grand was grand with children, my then 10-yr-old loved it. So did his cousins.

Booked the RCI Voyager for upcoming trip...we'll be traveling with kids from 3 to 12. Voyager and sister ship Explorer get high marks for kids.

I, too, avoid typical 'kid' seasons, and pull my son out of school for our vacation adventures. There seems to be plenty of kids on board, even at these 'off' times.

You'll have a great trip, no matter which line you choose!



Just got back from Regal Princess Asian cruise. Only about 3 kids on board. I heard that they were going to discontinue the children's program on that ship. Average age of passengers was about 65. On Maasdam last Fall on the Canada-New England cruise the average age of passengers was about 68-70 and only one child onboard as far as I could tell.
A lot has to do with what time of year you are sailing, destination, and cruise line.
When we went on Grand Princess Mediterranean cruise two years ago, they had excellent children's and teen's programs. I would get your T/A's advice on this.