Rhino Rider Boat Excursion in St. Maarten



I am thinking about booking this excursion and would like to know if anyone has done this boat ride and if it is worth going on.


We are planning on doing this when we sail the 10/25/03 Zuiderdam. You can get information if you go to Cruise Critic's message board and search Rhino Rider. Several people have already done this and provide a little info. All seemed to love it. I also got info directly from the tour operator, shoretrips.com. Holland American wants $89 per person and the cost to book ourselves is $115 for both plus about $25 in taxi fares. It looks like a lot of fun and here's what I know about it. You take a tour through the harbor near Marigot where beautiful boats are docked and then out to the open water. They can go very fast and you'll get splashed but they won't topple. You finally end up at a private beach where you can snorkle or swim or just swim to the beach. You will have life preservers on for the whole time. I believe the whole trip takes about 3 hours.


I booked this with my daughter and it was a wondeful time. I was surprised how fast the boats were. You follow the lead person in a line, but can go off on your own a bit too when you hit open water. Lots of fun.. I really think it was worth the money. Nice people and you can buy a photo on the way out. I bought one and am glad to have it. Regards, Chris


We went on the Rhino Rides last May and had a BALL!!! My DIL and I stayed on the Rhino (with lots of sunscreen on) while the guys snorkled. Our guides name was Killian and I beleive that he is originally from Colorado. He was a blast. Ya gotta go!


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I did this November 2008. It was very fun, exciting. After safety briefing you aare led out of the bay to the ocean. You travel with 2 guides, or at least we did, one in front and one follows. you will travel to an area where you can see the docked cruise ships and then have time to snorkel if you wish. The photos that have been mentioned are 8/11 and come in a folder and certificate of achievement showing your achievement "I rode a rhino"
. They accept cash, credit cards. If you really enjoyed your Safari and guides a tip is appreciated. When I booked this through RCC they charged per person. Through Princess they charge per boat.