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I'm thinking about booking my first cruise --a 7 day Eastern Caribean cruise during the last week of September 2002. Should I be concerned about "Hurricane Season" and choose another destination this time of year? I'd appreciate any opinions! Thanks!

Dianna H.

I posted this very same question about 6 months ago when I first discovered Cruise @ddicts. I received quite a few responses, most of which encouraged me to take advantage of the lower rates in September regardless of the "Hurricane Season." I was told that *usually* the worst case scenario would involve a change in ports of call, as the captain will do everything possible to steer clear of any storms. So you may skip a port of call, or you may have your itinerary "swapped" - for example, you may be re-routed through the Western Caribbean instead of the Eastern Caribbean. From the responses I read, I felt confident enough to book a cruise on the Explorer for 9/21/02. The most important thing for me is that I will NOT be at work - so if I end up in Cozumel instead of San Juan, so be it!

Good Luck!


Dianna is correct. Hurricane season is a full six months of the year and millions of passengers enjoy perfectly unevenful cruises during that time.

Another thing you might take into consideration is your embarkation port... if a hurricane is on the horizon, ports like Miami and Fort Lauderdale can be difficult to get to. The airports get jammed and even shut down. I would plan to arrive at least a day ahead of time. With today's flight delays, etc., it's always a good idea to leave a day early to de-stress and relax!!!


We have sailed several times during hurricane season and have had beautiful weather each time. However we are prepared to go with the flow and if the itinerary gets changed we are cool with that. We like each island and are happy to be anywhere the ship takes us. You can get some great deals in Sept and I would not let it stop you just because it is hurricane season.

Debbie Mumaw

I am a native floridian and chose not to cruise during hurricane season just because I am afraid the seas might get really rough. But I can tell you for sure, if that was the only month I could cruise I would do it without hesitation. Odds are greatly in your favor for great weather! I think they can almost always figure ways around rough weather. Hope you have a wonderful time and that you will have a few days in Fla. either before or after, it is really beautiful in Sept. ( and every other month)!


I'm with the rest of them. I always cruised during Sept. and October and never ran into a problem. A few years ago it was a little iffy with our hotel in San Juan after Hurricane George, I think it was that one..hit San Juan and closed down most of the hotels because of no running water but it all worked out in the end.

As CruiseDiva pointed out, leaving a day a head of time is also a good thing to do. You would hate to be leaving the day of the cruise and find out that the airport you are flying into is closed due to poor weather conditions.

Give it a shot in September, the weather has always been wonderful. The seas have been calm for me at least, that or I'm just used to it by now. LOL


Ditto all of the above. Go for it :thumb

Laurie :wave