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I've been away from posting on this board for some time, but have been in to visit. Okay, I've been in to lurk to see what was going on from time to time. But I know that this group always has great info.

If this thread does not meet Cruise Addicts approval, please delete and I apologize.

I am currently looking for feedback on travel agents that provide great personalized business. There are plenty of large TAs out there that offer competitive pricing and perhaps toss in an extra little perk here and there. But, I'm looking for a premier status TA with Royal Caribbean/Celebrity, Norwegian and perhaps MSC.

I'm not sure that I'm currently satisfied with my current TA and feel like I need to do a little research.

If you post, I don't need anything lengthy. Just the name of the TA, and email address and website address. This along with a very brief description of why you use them along with the benefits.

It's great to be back!

Thanks in advance for your info.


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