Tabyana Beach in Roatan


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Hi there..

I received a recommendation to check out Tabyana Beach in Roatan on our cruise in November. The web site looks good...although they don't advertise prices. It also received great reviews on Trip Advisor. I am not a huge fan of beach snorkeling but this beach looks like an easy swim to the reef.

The NCL excursion is $74 per person and includes food but it doesn't indicate if it is all inclusive food or just lunch. I seldom book excursions through the cruise line and would like to investigate doing it on our own.

Has anyone done this through the cruise line or otherwise?

Thanks in advance. :beach:


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We went to that beach 2 years ago on our honeymoon. We booked the excursion through the cruise line (Carnival). I LOVED that beach. It was really one of the highlights of the cruise for me. Beautiful water and beach, and scenery altogether was perfect. If you're a drinker, i highly recommend the Tabyana Mama's (their signature drink), it tastes very fruity but careful because it's VERY potent. The staff were nice, and our excursion only included lunch. Anything else (drinks, snacks) we had to pay on our own. They also have vendors setup on the beach and a couple huts to do some island shopping. They have stands on the beach renting snorkeling and scuba gear. Several people were snorkeling, and the reef wasn't very far out but farther than my comfort zone (i'm not a good swimmer).

Only bad thing about it was the ride to the beach. It took about 20-30 minutes to get there, and made me pretty motion sick with the narrow curvy roads and traffic. I've always wanted to visit Roatan again though strictly for the Tabyana beach. A+ in my opinion.


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Thanks for the reply. I think it sounds really good and I have seen some good reviews.

Thanks again.... :beach:


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Roatan is beautiful..we just tour the island however table mates did the Tabyana Beach excursion and had a fantastic time...

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HI Mike,

Thanks for the thread. And thanks takirb for the info. I've been looking around at threads about Tabyana too. It sounds wonderful, but I've heard a few other people estimate more like 45 to 50 minutes for the drive there. I was ready to do Tabyana until I saw that. Our day in Roatan is going to be a very short one, so we will likely just save our excursion money for one of the other islands and spend the day at Mahogany Bay.