Venice Lodging


Pam C

Our cruise will be ending in Venice and we will be staying an extra two nights in that beautiful city! My husband had a stroke three years ago and is very mobile, but tires easily on cobblestones. Also, as he cannot feel his left side his balance is not very good either.

Can anyone recommend a hotel in the $200-$300 range with a private dock that can arrange transfers from the ship and to the airport for us, and close to the vaparetto lines? Thank you!

jennie lynton

We have been to Venice twice and I would recommend the Hotel Monaco and Grand Hotel. It is right on the Grand Canal, not far from St. Marks square. When you eat breakfast outside you have a wonderful view of Venice. We used the water taxi from the Station to the Hotel and on our return we used the Hotel's cruiser. It is right next door to a Vaparetto stop. It is a four star hotel, very comfortable. Harry's Bar is opposite.