Four Best Casino Cruises 2020 in the World

When thinking about gambling at seas, many tourists think of the large cruise ships that either head to specific destinations or might take the passenger on a trip around the world. The experts have analyzed the best casino cruises for 2020, which is quite promising for gamblers. We are sure that you will not regret packing your tux if you pick one of the cruises listed below.

Queen Mary 2

As the cruise industry’s boom continues as reported by Forbes, more and more gamblers start thinking about joining casino cruises in 2020. Cunard Cruise Lines is, perhaps, the best option for contemporary gamers.

All of its ships offer casinos for their visitors. Most of them are of medium size. If you want to feel yourself in a giant casino with lots of opportunities and features, you’d better choose Queen Mary 2: it is a royal rest and fun for gamers!

The Empire Casino aboard this ship is upper-crusty, attracting Hollywood movie directors and actors. For instance, the famous Agent 007 shared the same tale with Ernst Stavro Blofeld. These guys used to travel with each other from NYC to Southampton and the United Kingdom.

Once in a year, the ship settles for a yearly cruise around the globe. Make sure to follow the local strict dress code if you decide to join, after all, even the local waiters never forget to put on their white shining gloves. Be ready to enjoy amazing views, a nice company, polite staff who is always at your service, and lots of table games for about nine days if you choose a regular cruise.

The only disadvantage might be downsizing in 2016. The casino used to be larger and consisted of more rooms before that year. Still, then, the owners decided that fewer people would lead to lower competitions and overcrowding of the area. For some visitors, it is a privilege as only the chosen ones enter the board now.

Before boarding, change to what they call “business casual.” Don’t you know what this term stands for?

If you have been loafing around all day in the swimming costume or T-shirt and shirts, mind that you won’t be allowed to enter until you change.

The wardrobe includes:

  •           Slacks 
  •           Jackets
  •           Collared shirts
  •           Shoes with socks
  •           Low-cut dresses 
  •           Blouses 

The casino offers plenty of options for people with different preferences. While you enjoy poker with your friends, your spouse may join the group of guests playing roulette or slot machines. Cunard even offers some video games. The casino is off the Grand Lobby.

Oasis of the Seas

Out of all Oasis Class Casinos, this one is the most popular and luxurious, for sure. Since 2009, the ship offers a rather sophisticated gambling area that attracts even those guests who are not here initially for playing.

When having a rest in the middle of the sea, why won’t one try something new? It is okay if you’re a newbie, the gambling experts are here to teach dummies the basics and share the shivery of different games.

Everyone who wants to feel the thrill of gambling will enjoy their stay on Oasis of the Seas. Except for the places that every good resort should have: like a restaurant and swimming pools with 24/7 bars, the ship has so-called Museum of Gaming and the Hall of Odds. The general design of the casino is magnificent: from the attention-grabbing sculptures to the unforgettable stone ornaments.

The ship belongs to the Norwegian Cruise Lines that takes you to the Southern Caribbean and VIP beach party in Mexico. Oasis of the Seas takes off in Miami and New York. The company has many offers for all types of budgets.

Cruise Compete

If you’re not tight by one, you should think about joining Oasis of the Seas, which is already called the “game-changer in casino cruises” by most of its guests. 

Time spent between gaming tours can be spent at the large lounge area or special club for active players. As recommended by Gamblers Daily Digest, every experienced gambler should join Oasis of the Seas cruise at least once. There are 27 tables, and the games include:

  •           Roulette
  •           Caribbean stud poker
  •           Craps
  •           Blackjack, etc.

Celebrity Eclipse

“Who wouldn’t want to put on the shoes of some celebrity one day? I used to meet some great actors and excellent people when taking a Celebrity Cruise merged with Royal Caribbean a couple of years ago, and that is still my choice. I prefer Celebrity Eclipse when it comes to the selection of casino as I love traditional gambling games,” shares Sharon Kane from Online Casino Gems.

If you have tried Eclipse, you might want to aboard Equinox, Reflection, Silhouette, or Solstice. Celebrity Lines offer ships of the midsize where it is forbidden to smoke, so keep it in mind. The main tables, in general, have the following games:

  •           Various slot machines
  •           Video poker
  •           Blackjack
  •           Craps
  •           Roulette
  •           Baccarat 
  •           3-card poker 

The lowest bets in the Celebrity Eclipse casino should be equal to $5. For the beginners, the local staff and professional gamblers offer lessons and training sessions. Also, they hold tournaments for the best and most active players regularly. 

As for the trip, the shop offers many different itineraries. It is up to you to choose whether you want to relax and enjoy your gaming sessions while heading to Ireland, Hawaii, Scandinavia, or even Russia. If you possess an M Life Card, it may play you in hand as it works on the shops of Celebrity Cruises.

If you’re looking for an alternative, you can pick Princess Cruises with their exclusive offers; it is ready to host its most lucrative slot tournament in 2020. According to Travel and Leisure news, a lucky tourist has recently won $12,000 on a penny slot machine. Who knows: perhaps, you’re the next?

Azamara Journey

Azamara’s casino-bearing vessel is its diamond ship. It is a small ship compared to many other cruise liners; it accepts around 700 guests per voyage. Like other casino cruises on the list, this one allows getting experts` advice on how to play different games before getting enrolled.

Once a passenger gets tired of playing, they can enjoy shopping in the local shops, mostly luxury boutiques. That is a great way to spend money that one has earned thanks to the brilliant game in blackjack or roulette. The guests can smoke on board; the local bar offers exclusive sets for the winners.

The cabins here are rather small, so you’ll soon get to know most of the passengers. This way, we can say that Azamara Journey is a perfect choice for people who love communications. The possible destinations include France, Monaco (special stop at Monte Carlo), Sweden and some other exciting European countries.

It also might be useful for you to know that of tourists who gambled, the average gaming budget for the journey was $580.90, as admitted by the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS). Thus, plan your budget, and welcome on board!


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