How About a Cruise on a Crewed Yacht Charter

Summer is here and planning an unforgettable summer holiday is probably on your to-do list. 

Creating memories can come from all sorts of different types of holidays, but one of the favourites is choosing an all-inclusive hotel in a beautiful destination.

Cruise on a Crewed Yacht Charter 

5-star luxury in a gorgeous location, delicious food and drink, exciting activities, and time to relax – what else do you want from a holiday? Enjoy the sunshine by the pool, explore the culture, get to know the history of the town or city that you are visiting, eat local food and enjoy different drinks. All-inclusive hotels are all about luxury, and that is what makes them unforgettable. 

A crewed yacht charter from Borrow A Boat is essentially a 5-star all-inclusive holiday on the water. 

Hiring a Crewed Yacht

If a once-in-a-lifetime holiday is calling, then getting on the water is the opportunity that you are looking for. There are several different ways to hire a boat, and many different size options. 

  • Bareboat: For those who are experienced sailors, the bareboat option allows you to skipper your own voyage, taking care of every detail on your vessel.
  • Skipper: This boat comes with a captain to take care of navigating and running the boat while you relax on board and take advantage of local knowledge for the best places to drop anchor.
  • Crewed: The crewed boat or yacht offers a captain, some crew like deckhands and hosts, and a chef. 

The crewed boat will allow you to enjoy your holiday while the staff take care of sailing, maintaining, cooking, and cleaning, catering to your every need while ensuring that your privacy is respected. 

What to Expect from a Crewed Yacht Holiday?

If you have not had the pleasure of a yacht holiday, you might not be sure of what you can expect. The ultimate in flexible and personalised luxury, a yacht chartered with a crew can be considered a floating 5-star all-inclusive hotel. Some of the things that you can expect include:

Choose Your Location

Even the best hotel with a stunning view is static, and after a couple of days of looking at the same vista it might get a little dull. 

With a yacht charter, you can be in a new location every day, with different landscapes, beaches, marinas, and cliffs to gaze at as the need takes you. You can choose your chartered yacht to sail in almost any destination – from tropical islands to exploring frozen wildernesses. 

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How About a Cruise on a Crewed Yacht Charter 3

(Hiring a boat on the coast)

Master Your Adventurous Side

Choosing a hotel can mean limiting yourself on the activities that you can take part in. The yacht life allows you to get involved in almost any activity by giving you access to different countries and different islands, so you can go diving and hiking, visit temples and archaeological ruins, lounge on white sandy beaches, or get some retail therapy whenever you want. 

You can create your own itinerary with the crew of your boat – and take advantage of their local knowledge for some insider tips on hidden gems. 

No Worries or Responsibilities

With a crew taking care of the practicalities, all you need to do on your chartered yacht is relaxed. What that looks like depends entirely on what is available on the yacht itself and where you are headed. Some of the larger vessels might offer deck loungers and a cinema room, or maybe a private gym. 

You can just get on with relaxing, with everything you need taken care of, even before you think about it!


Better than a hotel, your yacht is completely private – and you can expect the greatest of privacy whether at sea or when docked. The crew quarters are separate from the guest quarters, so you don’t need to worry about feeling like you are on top of each other. 

World Class Experiences

Choosing your own destination means that you can really experience the world in the way that you want to. 

Most of the time, the captain and the crew will be locals in the area you are visiting and can give you a better experience of the area than you might get from a hotel or even from a tourist board. 

Where Should You Sail?

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There are some amazing places in the world, perfect for a crewed yacht charter – and you could be on the water for years at a time and still never see it all. Some of the best destinations include:

  • Galapagos Islands, Ecuador: The home of rare wildlife, some of which cannot be found elsewhere and a real eye-catching destination for those who love adventure
  • Cyclades, Aegean Sea: The Greek islands combine tourist destinations like Mykonos and Santorini with the culture and exquisite food that you expect from Greece
  • The British Virgin Islands, Caribbean: Snorkelling in crystal clear waters, lounging under palm trees, and getting the 5-star treatment at resorts and restaurants in the heart of the Caribbean.
  • The Whitsunday Islands, Australia: Situated just off the coast of Queensland near to the Great Barrier Reef, these islands have unmatched diving opportunities and an abundance of wildlife
  • The Adriatic Coast, Croatia: Relatively new as far as destinations go, the Croatian coastline is 1100 miles of stunning scenery, pristine beaches, and idyllic fishing villages – not to mention the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Dubrovnik. 

Make unforgettable memories this summer with a crewed yacht charter holiday and make the most of both relaxation and adventure for you and your whole family.

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