How Good is the Internet on Cruise Ships?

Cruise ships often come equipped with a solid internet connection so if you want to stay in touch with people at home then you should know that this is easier than ever to do. Checking your emails and surfing the internet still requires a bit of patience and some ships may have technical difficulties. 

Internet on Cruise Ships

That being said, there have been a lot of technical improvements that have been made over the years and when you combine this with the new satellite and direct-to-shore systems. This helps to make cruise ships way better in terms of internet access and it also makes them similar to what you would find on land as well.

First-Time Cruisers

If you know that you are a first-time cruiser then there is a high chance that you are somewhat concerned with the basics. You may be wondering how much WiFi is going to cost you and if you are going to have to pay for a service that is not going to meet your standards. Either way, if you want some help that will guide you through the process then take a look below.

Internet Connections

Cruise ships in this day and age tend to offer a very good internet connection but that being said, you can’t guarantee that you are going to get the seamless experience that you expect when you are on land. Typical internet connections at sea aren’t just slow, it’s glacial. You may find that you click on a site only to have it not load at all. So why are the speeds so slow? To begin with, you do not have any Comcast Cable wire that runs to your cruise ship. You will also find that every packet of data that you do download to your phone comes over a satellite. This means that you do not have a quick or inexpensive proposition.

Playing Casino Games Abroad

If you want to grab the latest casino bonuses abroad then you will be glad to know that it is now easier than ever for you to play the games you want when on a cruise. All you have to do is log on to your cruise WiFi and then load up the site. If your cruise internet is slow as mentioned above then you can easily use your data roaming to get the signal you want. Cruise ships travelling through the Fjords may lose connection due to the surrounding mountains but usually, you won’t have to worry about things such as this.

WiFi and internet data is now better than ever and as mentioned above, even if you do go through an area that is not the best that it can be in terms of Wi-Fi, you can easily use your mobile data to patch in any gaps. Of course, there will be areas of the world that do not facilitate you doing this but at the end of the day, it’s not usually something that you have to worry about.

Internet on Cruise Ships
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Onboard Internet Speeds

Of course, internet speeds are now getting faster by the day and it would seem that signals have become faster as well. Now you can easily stream any Netflix movies you want from the comfort of your very own cruise cabin. A few years ago this would have been unthinkable. When you look at shipboard technology, you will soon see that this is making things better and in a very big way. There came a point when the cruise giant known as Royal Caribbean teamed up with the O3b network.

They did this because they wanted to tap into an internet onboarding system. This would give customers access to an internet connection that is six times faster than anything that has been experienced before. So how was this possible? The system essentially tapped into the Medium Earth Orbit and this is a series of satellites that have been operated by O3b. The beam can then be shot at ships as they move. This is great, to say the least, and a lot of people have done speed tests here to find out how effective it can be. 

It has been found that the speeds are incredible and that things have rocketed in popularity as a result of this movement. People are now more confident in booking cruise ships because they feel as though the internet is better and they are not going to lose out on their general experience when it comes to their general experience.

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