How to Get the Best Night’s Sleep on a Cruise

Cruising should be all about fun and relaxation, right? Well, this is usually true, but if you’re new to the entire experience or you didn’t manage to get the cabin you wanted, you may experience some troubles sleeping.

This is why it’s important to know a few tricks that will get you dreaming the moment your head hits the pillow. For this, we had a chat with the experts and put together a list that will help fellow cruiser enjoy their voyage to the maximum.

Block that Light

Cruise CompeteThis tip is important for those of you who were lucky enough to get an ocean view or a balcony cabin. While the view from such a cabin is mesmerizing, there are mornings when you’ll feel like a thousand suns are lighting up your window. Furthermore, if you are a sleeper who is sensitive to light, this won’t fell exactly right because you’ll be up early in the morning, regardless of the fact that you want it or not.

Now, you don’t have to give up on the amazing view or your sleep; you just have to know how to block the light out. One way is to use clothespins to make sure the curtains are really closed, and the second way is to invest in a sleep mask that doesn’t let sunrays pierce through.

Finally, if you don’t care about the view from your cabin, choose an inside room. You’ll be able to sleep in total darkness, just as the experts recommend it!

Select a Quiet Cabin

Not all cabins provide the same features, which is why you should know how to choose one. For instance, a cabin located at the end of the hall and set away from the main areas such as stairs and elevators).

It’s also best to avoid cabins nearby mechanical equipment such as the ones used to lower the anchor or lifeboats. Finally, we recommend choosing a spacious cabin, because the size of the room can also affect your sleeping behavior.

Bring Comfort from Home

Sure, the beds are comfortable on a cruise ship, but there’s nothing cozier than your own pillow and mattress pad/topper according to the bed experts:! Of course, this is mostly recommended for longer cruises, where you’ll be away from home for several nights.

The familiarity of your own bedding and the comfort they bring will have you sleeping like a baby, even if you don’t really like sleeping in a different bed.

Don’t Overdo it With the Buffet

If your idea of a vacation means you can eat and drink as much as you want, regardless of the time of day (or night), your sleep pattern will suffer. For a good night’s sleep, it’s important to stop eating heavy foods and drinking alcohol with a few hours before going to bed.

While specialists agree that a small snack before bed may help you sleep better if you overdo it, your sleep pattern will be affected and you may also gain weight.  


Do you fall asleep while scrolling on Instagram? Or maybe you want to post the latest pictures on Facebook. Regardless, when you go to bed it’s important to put all the devices (including your phone and tablet) as far away from the bed as possible.

Also, make sure to turn off all notifications and put the phone on silent. After all, you’re on vacation in the middle of the ocean, so enjoy it!

In Conclusion

A good night’s sleep on a cruise is not that different than the one you have at home. As long as you have a dark room, silence, and lots of space to enjoy yourself, everything should be fine. Also, if you’re new to the experience, it’s best to get a cabin on the lower floors (less lulling from the ship).

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John Shallo
John Shallo
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