How to Pack Smartly for a Cruise Trip

Packing for a trip, short or long, is a stressful activity with over 60% of poll respondents admitting that they get anxious when preparing their luggage. Fear of forgetting something important or bringing too many things are the reasons behind the anxiety and stress. If you’re preparing for a vacation cruise, you might be experiencing the same symptoms Here’s how you can organize packing so that you are sure to have everything you need when enjoying a well-deserved cruise.

still life with notebook and pined map
Planning and organizing for your cruise and take time and effort.

Planning and Organizing 

To cope with your packing anxiety, it is a great idea to create a list of what you should take with you. Count the number of days and nights when you would be gone and prepare the corresponding outfits, apparel, and supplies. You can add a contingency supply for unforeseen circumstances, but you should stick to a moderate estimate. For example, you will not now stuff 50 pieces of underwear with you if you’re only gone for 3 days.  Hence, estimate the number of undies, shirts, socks, pants, and dresses you might need for a maximum of one week. Take note that you can only take 2 suitcases if flying, so unless you’re willing to pay extra, stick to your baggage allowance and you’ll be fine. Besides, there’s always the option of a laundry service to get fresh clothing.

It’s a good idea, too to throw in a couple of fancy or formal wear in your suitcase for events on the ship such as formal dinners and parties. A couple of shapewears will also do wonders for your self-confidence and comfort if you must spend hours socializing and mingling with people. A good pair of sturdy shoes for on deck and land activities, sandals for the beach or the poolside, and closed footwear for formal or semi-formal will complete your arsenal. Think of bringing a multi season parka with a hoodie in case of rain or colder temperatures. Remember, if you have listed everything down, it is easy to tick each item as you pack making it less likely to forget things. That also includes writing down essential items for you electronics such as chargers, adapters, and personal appliances. Skip those that are usually available on site such as hair dryers or blowers which can only add bulk to your luggage.

blue luggage with folded clothes
Don’t forget to bring your essential travel documents and essential medication.

Travel Documents and Medication

Often overlooked when packing for a vacation are the travel documents. Consider the number of countries where you will dock and if you decide to leave the ship, ensure that you possess the right entry documents. Hence, it pays to confirm border rules and regulations to avoid unpleasant surprises. Check also the validity of your passport to make sure that you can board a cruise ship or disembark at several ports of call.

In addition to your travel papers, ensure that you are up to date with your vaccinations. If passing through tropical countries and you want to participate in land activities, you might need vaccinations against cholera, yellow fever, rabies, or hepatitis. Those who are taking maintenance meds should also make sure that they have an adequate supply of pills with them. Do check that you have a copy of your prescription especially for narcotics, Phenobarbitals, or sedatives. Otherwise, your usual meds plus vitamins are useful during the time you are away. Check, too that all your credit cards are valid and that you have informed your bank that you will be away on a cruise so that they are not suspicious of unusual activities on your account. Some cash in small denominations are handy as well for tipping and buying small items such as a bottle of water or souvenirs.

All in all, going away may become stressful, but it should not be that way. With careful organizing and planning, it is possible to leave for a cruise trip with everything that you need without falling into an anxious state.

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