How to Prepare for a Taipei Cruise

When you think of fun, a lot of people take it lightly and casually. But hey, fun is a living. Of course, from the face value, many people’s minds rarely drift in those directions, they simply want to be satisfied and entertained. For those who know how to capitalize on unique ideas that evoke a sense of enjoyment and fulfillment, there’s a lot to gain in terms of monetary value. Think about theme parks such as Disneyland, movie theaters, sporting events and so on. You’ve probably started to get the picture now. Fun is a source of livelihood for many people; in fact, it’s an industry – one that racks up billions of dollars collectively.    

For any person who wants to get up close and personal with the rich, exotic, Asian culture; Taipei is definitely the place to be. The region of Taiwan is strategically located amidst countries such as the Philippines, China, North and South Korea, and Japan, making it easily accessible with a plethora of flight connections. You can get affordable flights to Taipei from Hong Kong and the regions beyond when you fly with the aviation pioneers Cathay Pacific. Taipei is known for many things, if you want to explore a craze that’s relatively unexplored by many tourists yet exhilarating, you’d better try a cruise. In Taipei? Yes, in fact, this novel concept might turn out to be a must trip for you every year. In which, you’d be able to get amazing deals. 

Cruise Preparations

You can quantify the excitement of a lot of things; but when it comes to cruises, on a scale of one to ten, it’s probably an eleven or twelve. Especially if it’s your first time. You’ll experience a sweet rush notable with the unmistakable stomach butterflies. You might also feel a little bit inundated with the preparation process. The fundamentals of a cruise preparation are budgeting for trips including expected miscellaneous cost, selecting your attire – don’t overdress, coming up with a list of must-haves on your trip. Here’s a general rule of thumb; do you, and do what you can. If you stress about every aspect of your trip, you might end up more frustrated than you’ll be fulfilled. Generally, cruises are mostly laid back and safe. There’s always little to worry about when it comes to security matters.

Travel Routes

With the myriad of Cruise lines that ply to Taipei, it’s very easy to get voyages that would go as far as you want to reach. The two common cruises you’ll find are those that head to Taiwan and its capital, or of the Island country to nations such as China, Philippines, Japan and more. Keelung is the area that’s widely known as the cruising hub in the country. You should always have a clear picture of all the places and countries you’re planning to visit. If your trip will include country hopping, visiting the respective country’s consulate before-hand would really be beneficial. 


Closely tied to your traveling routes is planning your sightseeing adventures. Should you be voyaging to Taipei, make a point of visiting the Chiang Kai-Shek Museum, the Yangminshan National Park, and the Taipei 101. Also, Keelung is a region close to the capital which offers plenty of places to explore including the Shifen waterfalls, Yehliu Geopark, and the Miaokou Night Market.


It’s obvious that every traveler wants to make their adventure a piece of cake and stress-free. Here are three-pointers that would make your trip a forest cake. Adjust your body clock to that match of Chinese Standard time, which is UTC +8 hours. Keep in mind that Keelung is where major cruise line dock. Finally, you don’t have to pressure yourself to find an English translator while in the country in order to understand the culture; the country is well vast with the English language.

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Contingency plan

Accidents are something no one wants to encounter, whether small or large. Having precautionary measures is something you wouldn’t want to overlook especially for a trip like this. You should have your own personal contingency plan, should a crisis occur. A good example is always keeping in touch with your loved ones back home at every stage of your voyage. You don’t have to make it freaky; a simple text, email, or a phone call will do.

In conclusion, armed with all this info, you’re now assured of a cruise that’s fun and full of adventure, on the China Seas and the Pacific Ocean.


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