How to Protect Your Family at Home or at Sea

Protecting yourself and your family will always be a priority. Strategies to keep your loved ones safe might include financial measures, home security systems, and educating your children on any potential dangers.

For those who like to travel the oceans on a cruise ship, there are a few extra steps you should take to protect your family. Whether you are at home or at sea, here are our top tips for keeping everyone safe:

Life Insurance

Life insurance might not be something you want to think about, but it will give you peace of mind. If the unfortunate does happen you want your family to be financially secure. USAA is a trusted company that can give you insurance to meet your individual needs. Whether it is term life insurance for a specific amount of time or permanent life insurance, you will be able to choose the right solution for your circumstances.

Cabin Safety

While overall cruise cabins are considered safe, there can be a few hidden risks. Luckily they’re pretty easy to avoid. For example, if your cabin room features a balcony, keep the windows closed and doors locked when not in use. Especially when you’re at port, contractors who clean windows and do maintenance can easily gain access if the doors are left unlocked. Additionally, never accept an invitation to a stranger’s cabin. Instead, meet in a public space such as a dining room or the ship’s library. Remind your children to do the same.

Your Belongings

While cruising, store your personal belongings in your cabin’s safe. This could include any valuables such as your passport, cash, and identification. Keep your cabin locked and be mindful of those around you. In general, don’t carry large amounts of cash with you onboard or when at the port.

When at home you can protect your belongings by updating your security systems. Install cameras, a padlock, and window locks. A dog could be a welcome addition to your family and can be a good deterrent against criminal behavior in your neighborhood.

Your Children

When you are on a cruise or out and about, it can help to have some set safety rules in place for your family. Talk to your children about stranger danger, and discuss who they should and shouldn’t approach if they get lost. (For example, DO look for someone in uniform or another family with young kids for help. DON’T go anywhere with someone who makes you feel uncomfortable.) For older children on a cruise, a curfew and limitations of zones they can visit will help to keep them safe.

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Emergency Evacuations

In the home, you should have working smoke alarms and have a plan in case an evacuation is required. This might include a meeting spot, a plan of how to escape from different rooms, and who to call in an emergency. To see how your plan holds up in action, consider scheduling a few practice drills.

A cruise is usually a safe place, but you shouldn’t be complacent about unforeseen events. Be aware of any exits, evacuation procedures, and fire safety plans from the individual company at the beginning of your trip. It is always better to be prepared….just in case!

Whether at home or abroad, these tips can keep you and your family safe in any situation.


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