How to Travel in Luxury on a Budget

Not everyone is fortunate enough to afford first class seats on high-end planes, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve the luxury treatment every now and then. Vacations are supposed to be a time for relaxing and exploring a new location, so it follows that a bit of luxury is usually expected. After all, you’re pampering yourself to time away from work and other home commitments. Even if you don’t want to break the bank, there are ways you can travel in luxury. Here are a few tips to get you started.

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Pack for the Flight

So often people anticipate a wild variety of imaginary situations on vacation that require them to pack multiple pairs of shoes and several outfit changes “just in case.” However, flying abroad with a huge suitcase can tire you out before the trip even begins. Before leaving for the airport, lay out a few of your favorite clothing items that will be suitable for the climate at your destination. Do you genuinely need a different outfit for every day of the vacation? Instead of packing everything, be selective. This way you’ll feel luxurious not only because you’ve chosen only your most stylish attire, but also because you won’t be struggling with luggage the whole time.

Another part of packing for the flight is to remember the entertainment. Sitting for hours with nothing to do is boring, and living a life of luxury is about fun. Make room in your carry-on luggage for books or a laptop. Stay entertained by watching online videos or having fun at Unibet. If you have internet access, it will be almost impossible to stay bored.

Prioritize Comfort

In Victorian times the rich and regal looked very stiff and uncomfortable in their finery. No longer is this the case for people who live luxuriously – comfort is of the utmost importance. Choose an outfit to wear while traveling that suits all your needs:

  • Is it loose enough to move around in without digging into your skin?
  • Is it practical for walking between transport?
  • Is it temperature-appropriate?

A good rule to stick by is avoiding items that cause friction with your body. Even a luxury plane seat is uncomfortable to someone wearing a tight suit or skyscraper heels.

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Plan in Advance

As mentioned earlier, a big part of reveling in luxury is to have fun and stay comfortable. Both of these can be achieved by minimizing the time spent wandering between the airport and taxi, bus and train. Plan your trip in advance so that arriving at your destination happens as smoothly as possible. This can take some practice and getting to know about vacation deals or packages that suit your budget, but it is worth the effort. Find more details at Travel + Leisure.

Small Indulgences

Just because you spent your money on a vacation doesn’t mean you now have to stay strictly frugal throughout the trip. Learn how to budget at MoneySavingExpert and set aside a small allowance specifically to treat yourself along the way. Enjoy the little luxuries without having to worry about overspending.

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