Choosing an Enrichment-Oriented Cruise

Most cruise lines, particularly the ones that are considered luxury and premium, are beginning to realize that their passengers are looking for more activities to occupy their days on the ship besides shuffleboard or poolside lounging. These passengers are looking for activities that will stimulate their minds as well.

In response to this need, a number of cruise lines have now added enrichment activities, and are also expanding the existing programs. This means that passengers can now participate in new and improved workshops, and many of them are interactive. Educational lectures like TED Talks, culinary classes, and demonstrations are helping to make time out on the sea very interesting.

Enrichment-Oriented Cruise

So, what are some of the things that you can learn while you are on board? There are a wide variety of topics that you are offered by these cruise lines. Need to learn how to better manage your finances? There is probably a workshop for that.

Are you interested in computers and technology? You can sign up for a class. Do you want to learn conversational Spanish? You can sign up for Spanish classes for adults taught by an instructor with a masters in adult education. If you are interested in health and wellness, sign up for a Zumba or a stress management class.

So, if the idea of ‘going back to school’ while you are on vacation sounds good, check out the following cruise ships that are known for having the best enrichment programs on board.

Cunard Life

The program, referred to as Cunard Insights, offers several types of enrichment programs for cruisers who are looking to gain knowledge while at sea. The program offers literary discussions, iStudy classes for tech enthusiasts, acting workshops, and stargazing presentations.

The guest lecturers for Cunard Insights include experts from around the world who are in television, literature, politics, criminology and even online MEAD program graduates.

Do not be surprised to see a celebrity or two on your voyage. These voyages often enjoyed by celebrities like Billy Collins (past poet laureate of the US) and John Cleese (Monty Python).

Azamara Club Cruises

This cruise line has an enrichment program called Guest Lectures. In addition to cooking demonstrations, the cruise line also provides on-board talks. It invites scientists, authors, professors and online MEAD degree professionals to discuss topics that range from ESL (English as a Second Language) to politics, culture, and history.

The cruise line also offers a program called eConnections. This program focuses on classes like PowerPoint, Photoshop, and Excel. There is a small fee required to attend these classes.

Crystal Cruises

The program offered by Crystal Cruises is called Creative Learning Institute and it is one of the most comprehensive onboard enrichment programs in the industry. This program was designed to teach passengers different types of skills including:

  • Art
  • Wellness
  • Music
  • Language

The cruise line has created partnerships with many well-recognized names such as the Society of Wine Educators to make these classes possible.

Go on a cruise for your next vacation and you will not spend your time sitting idle waiting to get back to shore. Sign up for one, two or even ten classes and enrich your life on the high seas.

John Shallo
John Shallo
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