Majestic Hotel & Spa Introduces Majestic Wine Dinners

Barcelona’s most iconic and luxurious hotel debuts a dinner where wine comes first, defying tradition and showcasing the hotels dedication to guest experiences.

Majestic Hotel & Spa has introduced its newest culinary experience, which debuted earlier this month. The intimate bi-monthly wine dinners are based on a selection of wines from a prominent winery, including the finest from Castell d’Encus Winery.

One thing that characterizes the Majestic Hotel, is the ability to blend tradition with innovation. This is clearly demonstrated by its new concept: Majestic Wine Dinners, in which the hotel collaborates with different wineries that share its philosophy to create a menu that harmonizes with the aromas, flavors, and textures of the finest wines.

Typically, menus are crafted before selecting wine pairings. However, Majestic Wine Dinners defies the conventional dinner setting. Every two months, the hotel will collaborate with a winery to prepare a culinary experience rooted in the wines themselves, along with the winery’s philosophy, future vision, and values. The inaugural event in this series will debut on October 5 and will be presented in partnership with the Castell d’Encus winery.

The Secrets Behind Majestic’s First Wine Dinner

One of the standout features of this experience is that dinners will be joined by the owner of the Castell d’Encus winery, Raül Bobet, one of the most influential winemakers in the country. Additionally, Majestic’s Executive Chief, David Romero, who has drawn inspiration from the selected wines to craft the menu, will be in attendance, along with Alberto Pulido, the hotel’s Sommelier.

To ensure an intime and thoughtfully curated experience, the seating capacity will be limited to accommodate between 30 to 35 guests. This arrangement also allows the winemaker and chef to personally engage with guests and discuss any details related to their dining experience.

Castell d’Encus is distinguished as a boutique winery known for its exceptional-quality wines. Their wines are distributed through Dejavins, and they have an additional winemaking venture in Priorat in collaboration with Entrepreneur Sergio Ferrer Salat. One of the wines from this joint project will also be featured during the dinner.

Curated Selections

The dining experience begins with the sparkling Taïka 2016, accompanied by white prawn tartare and served with tangy green gazpacho. Following this exquisite introduction, transition to the aromatic Taleia 2019 white wine, artfully paired with a petite bouillabaisse featuring rockfish and langoustine. Moving forward, explore red wines cultivated in the elevated vineyards of the Catalan Pyrenees, bringing forth the Acusp 2019. This red wine is elegantly accompanied by “Mamet” beef loin, prepared in a tagliata style, enriched with summer truffle, and served alongside a mille-feuille of celery root.

Navigating through a tapestry of textures, embark on a journey with the Quest 2018, a red wine crafted through fermentation in stone lagers. It finds its perfect complement as a crispy-skinned suckling pig, enhanced by osmotized Girona apple and pineapple infused with rum. Before the sweet finale, savor the Priorat project’s jewel, the Ferrer Bobet Special Selection 2019, an exceptional wine known for its quality, excellence, and artisanal craftsmanship. It harmoniously partners with kids coated in goat milk foam and lacquered to perfection.

As dessert graces the table, the initial touch of sweetness arrives with the Majjan 2014 nectar, aged to perfection and paired with a delectable fig tart accompanied by pistachio sponge cake.

The introductory dining experience is priced at 120 euros, though the cost of each subsequent dinner will be adjusted according to the wines and menu offerings at each event. Reservations can be made through Majestic’s online store.

Following the delightful evening with Castell d’Encus, the hotel has already scheduled the next Wine Dinner in collaboration with the Pere Ventura winery, set to take place on November 16th.

Five-Star Luxury Experiences

If this wasn’t impressive enough, here are some of the offerings available at the hotel: 

  • Art, Culture, and Luxury from the Nineteenth Century: Dive into Barcelona’s architectural history with “Remarkable Residences,” exploring modernist houses and enjoying private dinners in historic settings.
  • The Chocolate Trail: Satisfy your sweet tooth as you uncover Barcelona’s rich chocolate tradition. Visit traditional chocolatiers and discover the city’s history one sweet bite at a time.
  • Wine and Sailing: Set sail from Port Vell on a cruise with breathtaking views of the city. Visit Alta Alella wineries and indulge in local wines and cuisine, all guided by an expert sommelier.
  • Joan Miró: Experience the art and luxury of one of Majestic Hotel & Spa Barcelona’s illustrious guests, Joan Miró. Visit the Fundació Joan Miró and his lifelong house for a personalized encounter with his life and art.
  • From Farm to Table: Explore the essence of Catalan cuisine with a journey that takes you from the hotel’s kitchen garden to Alta Alella Winery and ends at Restaurant SOLC, where you’ll savor the freshest produce and wines.
  • Barcelona’s Fishermen’s Market: Uncover a hidden gem in Barcelona – its fishing port and market. Learn the art of fishing and savor a delicious supper prepared with the day’s catch.

Get To Know Majestic Hotel & Spa Barcelona

“In the world of great luxury hotels, the old is now the new,” – that’s what the experts say when speaking of hotels with such profound tradition and history like Majestic Hotel & Spa Barcelona. Since opening in 1918, the five-star hotel owned by the Soldevila-Casals family has played an emblematic role in Barcelona architecture, society and lifestyle, hosting notable guests such as Ernest Hemingway and Antonio Machado. Led by interior designer Antonio Obrador, the neo-classical French style property has completed a five-year renovation and has reclaimed its place among the iconic landmarks of the vibrant city.

With a privileged location in the heart of Barcelona on stylish Passeig de Gràcia, the 271-room property is home to an unmatched 1,000-piece art collection with works by artists such as Antoni Tàpies and Josep Guinovart.

Under the direction of Michelin star Chef Nandu Jubany, a robust gastronomic offering is highlighted by the Majestic Breakfast Experience, named Europe’s Best Breakfast in 2018 by Prix Villégiature.

Additionally, The Leading Hotels of the World, a prestigious organization that represents independent luxury hotels from around the world, recognized the property with the Remarkably Uncommon award in 2018; the hotel has been a member of the organization since December 2014.Majestic Hotel & Spa Barcelona is also home to the city’s largest suite, a 5,000-square-foot penthouse with capacity for six, a dining room, two panoramic terraces and access to a personal butler and chauffeur.

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