MSC Seaside Family Cruise: Day 2 – Day At Sea

Both my wife and I have to wake up too early alarm clock’s almost every morning. So we love days at Sea where we don’t have anywhere to be and can sleep in and relax. We enjoyed a late morning and waking up at sea as our ship seemed to glide through the waves.

Once we all woke up and getting ready, I made reservations for BeerProv all-ages show in the afternoon via the MSC for Me App. Did I mention how much I love this App?

Time To Eat!

We made our way up to the Buffet to eat. The choices here are amazing. I scanned the selections with my trained eye. Then I noticed, Breakfast pizza!

MSC Seaside Family Cruise: Day 2 - Day At Sea | 24
MSC Seaside” width=”1024″ height=”612″ /> Breakfast Pizza, Now that’s Italian! Aboard MSC Seaside

Time To Explore

We really didn’t explore our ship yesterday, so today we casually walked around the ship. We are still learning what our drink package includes (Specialty Coffee’s and Drinks up to $10, Soda, Juice, Water, and Gelato!). So we have been testing our package and trying out the Gelatos. Doing research for this cruise, I learned Gelato is “Ice Cream” in Italian and contains less sugar and fat compared to normal Ice Cream in the USA. So we could almost call this “Diet” Ice Cream, right?

My youngest daughter has put on a bathing suit and we’ve made our way to the water park. You have to first sign a waiver before you can ride the slides or zip-line. I’m surprised they don’t have the bowling alley on the list, I know I’ve seen some scary bowlers before.

The Water Park

The water park and play area have a great design. I enjoyed how this area is hidden by the ship’s funnel design. This gave this area some extra shade and much-needed wind protection. The jungle theme made the water park a very inviting and warm place. It was great seeing entire families playing together here.

MSC Seaside's Waterpark
MSC Seaside’s Waterpark

We stopped here and watched as our daughter took several rides on the different slides today. We sat in some comfy chairs near the Jungle Pool. This pool has some great drinks and also offers Gelato. So if you not into the water slides you can enjoy a cool drink or a taste of Gelato. They also have a Ping-Pong table is a great location. It was very relaxing here, even with everything going on around you.

BeerProv Family All-Ages Show

Before long it was time to visit the BeerProv All-Ages show. BeerProv is a Canadian show of improv comedians who use audience suggestions to instantly create hilarious, unscripted scenes on the spot. We looked forward to this show, and it didn’t disappoint. The comedians had an amazing amount of energy and made everyone laugh. Our Daughter Meagan, was picked from the audience to take part so that made it this show extra special. We noticed the kids they chose all seemed to give “spaghetti” as a repeated answer.

BeerProv aboard MSC Cruises, MSC Seaside
BeerProv is a Canadian group of improv comedians who use audience suggestions to instantly create hilarious, unscripted scenes on the spot.

Dinner & Fun Time

We originally had our main dining room reservation time set at (9:15 pm). We prefer around 7 pm. So until we got this sorted out we ate in one of the Buffet’s and the food was very good. I had reserved most of the late shows for the whole week which were 9:45. So you can see why this would be a problem for us. As a family, we really enjoy the production shows and they take center stage to our night time cruise activities.

I love visiting a buffet because you can try some new things and don’t have to wait. This would be our first formal or elegant night. So we all got dressed up, had some photos taken and explored the ship in style.

Game Room, Bowling, and More

While exploring the ship we found the Game Room, Bowling Alley, and Thrill Theatre. My wife and I have an ongoing competition of who is the best at Air Hockey. Luckily for us, most cruise ships have some version of this arcade game onboard. The MSC Seaside has a nice selection of a few games and our favorite air hockey. You can see by the photo below, I was the Champion of the game tonight!

MSC Seaside Family Cruise: Day 2 - Day At Sea | 24
MSC Seaside” width=”1024″ height=”694″ /> The Air Hockey Champion of MSC Seaside

A Ship Full of Options

One thing we noticed was how many choices of entertainment and places to just relax was available on board MSC Seaside. I think everyone has activities they enjoy while on a cruise. This ship seems to have so many areas and activities. Here is a small taste of some sights we enjoyed this evening from walking around the ship to listening to live music in the atrium and the amazing production show to cap off our night.

MSC Seaside Family Cruise: Day 2 - Day At Sea | 24
aboard MSC Seaside” width=”2048″ height=”1152″ /> The beautiful main pool at night aboard MSC Seaside
MSC Seaside Family Cruise: Day 2 - Day At Sea | 24
alt=”Live music in the atrium aboard MSC Seaside” width=”1024″ height=”498″ /> Live music in the atrium aboard MSC Seaside
MSC Seaside Family Cruise: Day 2 - Day At Sea | 24
alt=”This stunt made the audience go wild aboard MSC Seaside” width=”1024″ height=”576″ /> This stunt made the audience go wild aboard MSC Seaside

Our first fun-filled sea day aboard our first MSC Cruise did not disappoint. We have really enjoyed the crew and ship’s design. There has been a learning curve with any new brand experience. This just makes the whole experience more unique and a bit of an adventure. Our whole family has really enjoyed our first day onboard. The production show once again has blown us away.

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