MSC Seaside Family Cruise: Day 4 – Grand Cayman

Today our ship docked in Grand Cayman. We didn’t book any shore excursions or plan to get off the ship. We are choosing to do what many people do these days and stay onboard. When you have a ship that is 166K gross tons and loaded with entertainment and a free water park, why get off? You don’t have to always get off the ship to have fun. We enjoyed everything this ship has to offer, kind of like having the ship to ourselves. After a really busy day yesterday, we also enjoyed sleeping in a bit and taking the day at a nice pace.

O, Captain! My Captain!

This morning I had the pleasure of meeting Captain Franchesco Di Palma, Master of the MSC Seaside. We sat down and talked about the technology and features of MSC Seaside. You can watch our MSC Seaside Tour and Ship review to see some of the excerpts from my interview with the Captain. Click here to watch.

Meeting Captain Franchesco Di Palma, Master of the MSC Seaside
An interview with Captain Franchesco Di Palma, Master of the MSC Seaside
Coffee Please!

Once I got back to our cabin, I found the girls ready to take on the day. They had slept in a bit and were now ready to start our day together onboard. We visited our favorite place, Venchi’s Chocolate for some coffee to get our day started right. Here are some photos from our favorite spot to stop for a nice coffee or sweet treat:

A Ship To Ourselves

We then went to the game room and played some games with our Fun Pass. We can’t just walk by the Air Hockey game without playing a game or two. This area has been a nice treat, and we never found it crowded. Just note the different times of the 5D theatre shows. They even sell a package where you can watch all the 5D shows for a much lower rate. It was a lot of fun when we did it.

MSC Seaside Family Cruise: Day 4 - Grand Cayman | 22

Lunch Time!

We made our way to the ships Family Buffet area and our daughter Meagan was able to get some soft serve ice cream. She like every kid on board seems to need one of them regularly. I know some cruise lines have this open to the public 24/7 where you serve yourself. MSC Seaside has this available when the family buffet is open behind a counter and an attendant must serve it to you. This was nice because it was clean and always ready to go with fresh cones.
Pre-dinner drinks in the sports bar
Pre-Dinner Drinks in the Sports Bar aboard MSC Seaside

Early Dinner Tonight

Tonight would be a date night for me and my wife April. The girls will go to the Main Dining room and we will enjoy a romantic dinner for two at the Butcher’s Cut specialty restaurant. The Main Dining room is featuring Italian night. It was nice to see all the waiters and tables beautifully decorated.

MSC Seaside Family Cruise: Day 4 - Grand Cayman | 22
aboard MSC Seaside” width=”1024″ height=”498″ /> Meagan & Savannah ordering during Italian Night aboard MSC Seaside

Butchers Cut

We were excited to try another specialty restaurant aboard MSC Seaside. Our first impression of the Butchers cut was it was very classy and intimate. Definitely a great place for a nice dinner for Two. We chose to go with a standard package but, we upgraded to try the Lobster Chowder soup. Everything was really wonderful and made our special Dinner for two, very romantic. Our girls enjoyed Italian night in the Main Dining room and enjoyed it very much. We loved how they decorated the entire dining room and even wore special uniforms just for the evening.

Here are some photos from our evening in Butchers Cut:


Show Time

We arrived about thirty-minutes before the show and were able to get front-row seats again for tonight’s show. The theatre has plenty of great seating but, we found ourselves having our choice just arriving alittle before the doors open each evening. We do this a bit out of habit when cruising, because in the past we have had very poor choices or the show was already full by showing up too late.

Cruise Compete

Tonight’s production show did not disappoint. It was action-packed and full of non-stop entertainment of all types of song, dance and with a touch of specialty acts. Here is a small video from tonight’s show. I hope this helps you understand why the entertainment aboard MSC Seaside has been so special and unique.

White Party

The White Party was a big event during our cruise aboard MSC Seaside. It was nice to see everyone participate and wear an all-white outfit. The entertainment staff was amazing and really helped get everyone to participate. I loved how everyone from old to you and from so many different countries came together as one to enjoy a sweet moment together. Take a look at this video of some of the White Party highlights:

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