MSC Seaside Family Cruise: Day 8 – Debarkation Day

We woke up this morning and found MSC Seaside was already docked in Port Miami. The beeping of forklifts and the activity of the port could already be heard from below our balcony. Our cruise was coming to an end but, the experience will remain in our memories forever. It was wonderful taking our first MSC Cruise and having the chance to meet the Captain, Hotel Director, Cruise Director, and Executive Chef during our cruise. I know I have said this many times already but, the ship is beautiful inside and out and we loved the design. We never felt crowded, the buffets often had no lines. I wondered and even asked if the ship was only partially full during our sailing? No, It was at normal capacity. This made our cruise much more intimate and extra special.

Time To Say Goodbye

As we all woke up and readied ourselves for the day. We exited our cabin for the last time and went to have breakfast at the Buffet. We all enjoyed our breakfast and before long our number was called and we made our way down to deck 5 and excited the ship.

MSC Seaside Family Cruise: Day 8 - Debarkation Day | 8
Our view from MSC Seaside on our last morning.

Once inside the terminal, we found a sea of bags sorted by numbers. We had some difficulty finding a few of our bags. We used a Porter and after some deeper searching, we found our bag. A couple cruising with us had a similar problem as well. Normally all the bags are right next to each other but, this morning added some extra excitement to our day. In the end, we found everything. The Porter loaded our bags on his cart, and we then went to Customs. At Port Miami, the Porter’s have an Express Lane to Customs so this made things even quicker for us. It is so nicethat you don’t have to fill out the customs declaration slips, as you did in the past. We were told you only have to fill them out if you are bringing back a lot of money or certain items you may have purchased. The whole process was very smooth and enjoyable.

Use A Porter For Customs Express Lane

Our Porter brought us and our bags out to the pick-up area where the parking shuttle would be picking us up. As we looked at the time and the number of people crowded around us, I started thinking of a Plan B. The parking shuttle would stop doing pick-ups soon and there were a lot of people crowded around us. We also had a lot of luggage with us. So I took it upon myself to call a Lyft driver to help make this easier. Before long the Lyft driver showed up and I walked out to his car. A few minutes later he dropped me off at the parking garage and I took the elevator to the floor my car was parked on. I found my car and drove it out of the garage and to the port. I pulled up to the girls and began loading the bags in the car. This made things much easier. As you may recall, I dropped the bags and the girls off at the terminal before parking the car on embarkation day. It sounds like a lot of but, in the end it simplified things for the whole group.

MSC Cruises’ Continues To Grow and Innovate

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Final Thoughts

Stay tuned for plenty of more coverage coming out over the next couple of weeks about our seven-night Family Cruise aboard MSC Seaside. My first cruise was aboard Chandris Fantasy Cruises in 1989. It made a big impression on me. Fast forward to today, MSC Seaside really is special with such a cutting edge design and innovations. Her guest-centric features make for an exciting and pleasant cruise experience.

The entertainment aboard MSC Seaside was thrilling each and every night. It was so special and unique and brought us coming back. The crew aboard MSC Seaside were very nice and made our family vacation extra special.

Thank You For Following Along

Thank you very much for reading these posts day after day and allowing me to share my families cruise experience with you. As a parting gift, I want to share with you our MSC Seaside Ship Tour & Review we produced. In this video you will see the interviews I conducted and exactly what we experienced during our cruise.

Cruise Addicts MSC Seaside Ship Tour and Review

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