New Ships You Can Book For A Future Cruise

Going on an ocean cruise is a great way to take a vacation, especially if the cruise ship itself is proven seaworthy. Unsurprisingly, many people would love to have the chance to take an ocean cruise to their preferred luxury travel destinations. When you travel via an ocean cruise to an attractive destination, the new ships can usually be safer and more enjoyable to stay in. That’s because new ships have more advanced technologies built-in already and may have more up-to-date amenities.

Why Do People Like Cruise Liner Vacations?

I think the appeal of travel via a cruise liner is linked to the thrill of being in new places. If you are a passenger on a cruise, you get to sample the local culture up close. The cuisine of the destination is one reason many people make it a point to book a cruise liner trip. Another reason could be discovering the unique forms of entertainment in a new country. This is inclusive of art and dancing, of course. And naturally, I would include the prospect of interacting with friendly people extending their special brand of hospitality. Yes, socializing with fine people on a cruise liner and onshore excursions is a major draw for cruise liner passengers. But even those into solo travel can have a good time on a cruise liner.

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Which New Ships Should You Book Your Vacation In?

There are quite a few new ships that will be sailing to various destinations. One of these is the Carnival Cruise Line vessel “Mardi Gras,” which is reportedly the biggest ship the company has ever come up with. The “Mardi Gras” is believed to be much bigger than the previous top ship of the company named “Carnival Panorama.” It is so big that it can rival even the biggest ships of other cruise liner companies.

Why is there such a big deal about “Mardi Gras”? Well, for one thing, it is the only cruise ship yet to offer a roller-coaster ride on board. I know that sounds funny because the last thing you want when you’re on a ship is to have a roller-coaster experience (or maybe I lack imagination). The ship will also have the biggest waterpark Carnival Cruise Line has ever installed onboard its cruise ships. The formidable size of this ship also means it can carry more passengers than previous Carnival Cruise Line vessels. Not a bad effort, considering the trend in cruise ships is to get “bigger and better.”

But the urge to get on a bigger ship isn’t dominating the industry. That’s because there are smaller ocean vessels you can keep an eye out for. One of these is the Viking Venus which is surprisingly only available to adults 18 years old and above. I would love a chance to sail on the Viking Venus since the two catchwords that best describe it are “classy” and “elegant.” That means you won’t have to sit through a cheesy song-and-dance act through dinner if I don’t want to. It also means you have more choices when it comes to travel cuisine since the ship houses many luxury travel restaurants.

Another good reason to try the Viking Venus is that each cabin comes with its own balcony. Yes, that’s right, you don’t have to upgrade to a higher cabin category just to enjoy the bracing ocean breeze. There are actually five cabin categories to choose from, so you don’t have to settle for a smaller cabin considering your budget.

Some travelers may want to try a hip new ship based on the Virgin Voyages brand of hospitality. Yep, that’s right – this ship is a product of the Virgin group of companies run by the famous Richard Branson. The name of the ship is Valiant Lady, which you might find rather funny because, if you get the names mixed up, you might call it the Valiant Virgin instead.

But there’s nothing snobbish about this Virgin Voyages ship since it is supposed to appeal to travelers who might not fit in average passenger profiles in other cruise ships. This means you can sing your lungs out in their onboard karaoke lounge or get a tattoo in their “tattoo parlor” if you are so inclined. I don’t plan to do either, yet I can see how that might appeal to others, even those who like solo travel.

What You Should Look For in Your Ideal Cruise Ship

Spending your vacation time on a cruise ship ideally should mean the availability of certain requirements. First, the ship should be regularly cleaned and tidied, even disinfected as necessary. Second, there should be security measures in place for the safety of the crew and passengers alike. And lastly, the food should be to die for. I don’t know which one of these you would prefer, though, but to each his own.

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