Newsletters Of Particular Interest To Cruise Travelers

 Junk mail; nobody wants it and everyone tries to avoid it. Still, there are some offerings that are worth our time to read and bring news of reduced fares, bonus values and upcoming promotions. Unlike the junk mail that clogged the postal mailboxes of yesterday, today we have newsletters that can bring no advertising at all or select offers, customizable just for us. Here are some newsletters of particular interest to cruise travelers.

JohnnyJet offers daily tips for air travelers along with a newsletter that alerts buyers to great deals, as they happen. This one is especially important for those who do not fly frequently. Johnny cuts through the red tape, bringing current, usable information both through his daily tips and occasional newsletter.

Conde Nast Traveler has a daily newsletter featuring the best travel tips, secrets and news that won’t wait about the best things to do, see, eat and drink around the world. The Conde Nast Traveler newsletter also features updates from contributors on assignment worldwide

Porthole Cruise Magazineis a print publication that should be on every cruise travelers coffee table, loaded with full color photos, stories and more. Their digital version is an easy way to access current and past issues ($19.99 for two years) and free current cruise news and blog posts offer usable information from writers we can trust. has a newsletter that is mostly offers from Internet cruise brokers. Look beyond that to a dynamic search engine that allows us to find interesting information like all ships that sail from a certain port, when they do and what to expect for pricing.

Cruise Line Loyalty Newsletters for past-guests of most cruise lines can deliver the first notice of upcoming sales, bargains and discount offers, often available only to members. A common mistake: That you are automatically signed up as a past guest after sailing one time. Not so with all cruise lines, some require enrollment.

Cruise Line Special Offers – visit every cruise line you might possibly want to sail ever in your lifetime and sign up for their early notification of special offers and news.

Easy Newsletter Tips And Tricks
While all of the above offer real value to cruise travelers, there is a good way to go about it and a bad way. Here are some tips to make it work and get the most out of your efforts.

  • Don’t Clog Up Your Email InBox– A good way to keep these things sorted out is to create a unique email address to use when subscribing. Something Like would be a good choice, funneling all of the above to one place that can be visited at your convenience.
  • Keep Looking- Like continuing to look for a better value between booking and making final payment, it’s a good idea to revisit the idea of newsletters from time to time, seeing and subscribing to new ones that match your current travel goals.
  • Adjust Your Focus– Heading to Europe? There are newsletters specifically for that. Looking for luggage? The huge travel products industry has you covered there as well, catching us up on the latest products while we briefly enter the buying arena.
  • Don’t Like That Newsletter After All? No problem there too, simply click on the unsubscribe link most frequently found at the very top and bottom of email correspondence.

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