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Why Your Next Vacation Should be a Luxury Arctic Cruise

Are you itching to experience an adventure with mountains, glaciers and wildlife? Do you still want to roll in the lap of luxury? Keep reading to find out why your next vacation should be a lavish Arctic cruise.

Why a Luxury Arctic Cruise?

The Arctic, which includes Greenland, Iceland, Russia, Alaska and Canada, is a beautiful environment full of unique wildlife, rich history, sense of community, the aurora borealis and breathtaking scenery. On an Arctic cruise, you would travel through remote and rural places and experience the bone-chilling weather and rugged landscapes.

But this doesn’t mean you can’t travel in a lavish manner. You can enjoy all the wild and pleasant aspects of the Arctic, while staying on a cruise ship that allows you to indulge in fine-dining, wonderful amenities and comfortable living spaces. If you are looking for action adventure in the Arctic, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to leave the cruise ship and explore new frontiers.

What are the Differences Between the Luxury Cruise Lines?

To determine which luxury cruise line is right for you, consider your Arctic destination, time frame and budget.

Choose from one of 13 cruise options to Iceland and Greenland with SilverSea. On this cruise you will travel to the land of the Vikings and see polar bears, vast colonies of birds along the rugged cliffs and some of the world’s most awe-inspiring environments. With SilverSea, enjoy various dining choices, a beauty salon, fitness center, boutique, connoisseurs corner, observing platforms, a theater and so much more.

If Norway is on your bucket list, book through Abercrombie & Kent. Explore three Arctic countries in 13 days on the all-balcony “Le Boreal.” With special permission granted and depending on weather conditions, you might even get the opportunity to land on Jan Mayen and witness the 7,500-foot Beerenberg Volcano up close.

If you want to explore within the United States, there are several luxury cruise lines through Alaska with Oceania Cruises, Regent Seven Seas and Seabourn Cruises Yacht. You’ll be visiting any or all of Alaska’s most popular ports including Juneau, Skagway, Ketchikan, Petersburg, Seward and Sitka. These companies use smaller ships, which limit the number of passengers on board to create a more intimate environment. This is perfect when you’re enjoying any of the ship’s panoramic views from the restaurants and lounges.

What Should You Bring?

Luxury Arctic cruises are the perfect method of travel if you enjoy photography. But a great camera that captures all the magic is a must. If you don’t own a DSLR or high-quality point and shoot, be sure you’re prepared with an excellent smartphone, like the Galaxy S7. With its 4K resolution, it is capable of capturing the aurora borealis, illusive polar bears and more. If you’d rather live in the moment, bring a great pair of binoculars for sightseeing on the ship or take advantage of the options your cruise ship provides.

Most cruise lines only travel in the summer months, so you won’t have to prepare for below-freezing temperatures. However, you should still expect cold, windy and rainy days up north, so pack accordingly. Be sure to bring layers. Start with a base that manages your body’s moisture, a middle layer that insulates and a shell that protects you from the weather.

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