Online games with an action component that you should try to play with friends

Action is one of the most popular genres in the gaming industry, replacing films everywhere, where the player can not watch the actions of the protagonist from the side, but take a full part in solving a dangerous situation.

Online games with an action
Online games with an action component that you should try to play with friends 3

Destiny 2 trials of osiris

An MMO shooter set in the far future where the player joins the city defenders to learn the history of the planets, meet the key characters of the entire series of games and progress through the game’s story.

For PVP lovers, there are trials of osiris mode. Players must form a group of three and participate in a mini-battle with another group.

In this mode, the key role is played by victories that go into a series. So, to get the best reward you need to play and win 3, 5 and 7 matches in a row. You can always pause and pick up the armor reward, but to get the best weapons you need exactly 7 victories in a row, and in case of defeat, everything has to start from the very beginning.

To be safe and guaranteed to get a legendary weapon, or to accumulate all the best equipment to help your friends in the future with an advantage in equipment, you can order trials of osiris boost from professional players who will take you into a group and are guaranteed to complete the required number of victories in a row with money-back guarantee in case of disputes.

Online games with an action component that you should try to play with friends | 1
Online games with an action component that you should try to play with friends 4

Call of Duty World At War

One of the best games in the Call of Duty series, which tells about the confrontation with Nazism on all fronts and coasts during the Second World War.

You will land on the Pacific coast as part of the US Marine Corps, survive the attack on the fortified positions of the Japanese troops and establish control over the region, conquering island by island.

On other fronts, you will feel what it is like to fight in Stalingrad as a Soviet soldier, remaining the only survivor from your squad and undergo quick training in sniper shooting and sabotage activities on the go, without the right to make a mistake.

The best thing about the whole game is that it can be played not alone, but together with friends in a cooperative mode.

All you need is to create a general game session and start going through the company. Not all missions will be available, but the most spectacular and large-scale battles will be open to play. You will be able to cover and support each other, and even reanimate a fallen comrade.

Of the interesting – the game has a system of achievements and titles that are activated for completing tasks and aimed shooting. So you can find out efficiently who from your company has the right to be considered a commander, deputy, shooter, and so on.

Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising

Not the newest installment in the series, but definitely worth a look for all the group of friends who love realistic combat shooters, where the emphasis is on simulation and realism.

You have to participate in a fictitious conflict where China claims the territory of Russia due to the lack of important mining and strategic resources, for which, in turn, Russia turns to the United States for help and you, along with the Marine Corps of Special Forces, along with equipment and aircraft, arrive in a limited contingent to help resolve the conflict.

You will play each mission with a group of four special forces soldiers, and each player will perform their role.

Positions will be available:

  • Squad leader – armed with an assault rifle with a calimator sight.
  • Machine gunner – a soldier conducting suppressive fire on enemy forces during attacking and defensive actions.
  • Grenade launcher – a fighter to fight enemy armored vehicles and enemy fortifications.
  • Nurse, or Sniper – depending on the conditions of the mission, the role may change. The orderly can bandage the wounded, and the sniper fires at distant targets.

You are waiting for a lot of interesting and challenging tasks, which will differ significantly depending on the course of the company’s development.

You have to branch out and quietly approach the enemy without the need to fight, or vice versa – storm the village and hold it until the main forces arrive.

Gradually, you will gain access to various armored vehicles – these will be armored personnel carriers, tanks and helicopters.

You need to calculate tactics and understand the ballistics of weapons – Operation Flashpoint is not a game where you can just go in for an arcade assault. You can kill and die from one bullet, and the game is a full-fledged realistic combat simulator on the projection of a fictional conflict.

Further series of games have not received such a wide development and do not have a cooperative company, but only separate missions for co-op.

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