How To Pick the Best Golf Cruise

Choosing a Cruise for a Golf-Lover

A little while ago, cruises were seen as holidays for the rich and the famous. However, many cruises now cost the same as a regular holiday, and more and more people are taking advantage of this unique type of getaway. 

Pick the Best Golf Cruise

Playing golf on board or traveling to stunning golf courses are all parts of many voyages. Golf enthusiasts, in particular, have begun combining a cruise, a holiday, and their favorite pastime. Here’s how to pick the best golf-centered cruise. 

Pick the Best Golf Cruise

What to Look for

There are multiple factors when choosing a cruise, and then there are a couple more when wanting a golf-focussed one. The first, and most important aspect, is where the cruise is going. 

While you can’t play 18 holes on the deck of a cruise ship, knowing where the cruise is going, and stopping can at least let you plan an afternoon of playing if you are stopping near a course. 

The best places to stop will be discussed later on, but there is no use going on an Alaskan cruise, for example, and thinking you will be able to spend an afternoon playing a round. This is obvious to some, but since cruises stop at multiple destinations, you need to know where they are going. 

Cruises with Simulators

The closest thing you will be able to get to a full round of golf is a simulator, as many cruise lines now offer them as part of their package. Some of the most popular cruises have 9-hole, and some 18-hole, courses as part of their simulator. 

MSC Cruises, Royal Caribbean, and Princess Cruises are just a few of the lines that offer simulators. More importantly, it isn’t just their bigger, luxury ships that have them; you can find them on most of their boats. 

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While it isn’t the same, most cruise lines will have a mini-golf course onboard and/or putting green. While not ideal, it still gives you a chance to work on your short game, something many can agree always needs work. 

Mini-golf also gives you the opportunity to not only work on your putting but gives you a chance to enjoy some quality time with your family

Driving Range

Driving ranges are rare to find, but there are cruises that have regulation driving ranges on board. They will be a bit narrower than you are used to, looking more like a batting cage, but you will be able to smash balls to your heart’s content. 

If there isn’t a regular driving range, cruises may offer tees overlooking the ocean and degradable balls. Not only common on cruise ships, but degradable balls that break down over time have allowed more unique driving ranges to be created. 

Some cruises have tee-boxes on the deck or down the side of them that let you hit ball after ball into the ocean, causing little to no environmental damage. 

Cruise to a Course

Finally, the option that most golf-lovers will choose is sailing to a golf course. Cruises in the Caribbean and Europe often have stops that include some of the most famous golf courses in the world. 

There are now dedicated cruises that will take you to Scotland to play a round at St. Andrews, the home of golf. Cruises like this also make stops in Ireland and England, meaning you can explore between rounds. Cruises also take you to Barcelona and Monaco, two prime-golf-playing locations. 

Locals and tourists frequent the Turtle Hill golf course throughout the year. Another fan-favorite choice is the Caribbean, more specifically, Bermuda. It is hard to match a golf course with exquisite beach and ocean views. 

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What to Bring

The last question you may have is if you need to bring your own clubs? While cruises with mini-golf courses and some that have simulators will provide clubs for you, if you are a keen player and want to take advantage of a driving range, you will need your own. 

Players will know that most clubs don’t offer sets of clubs for rental; therefore, if you are taking a cruise with golf in mind, bring your clubs and golf shoes. 

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