Port Cities You Should Explore Before Your Cruise

When embarking on a cruise, many travelers reach their port of departure just in time to leave on their journey. Some cruisers are now utilizing their time in a port city as a way to relax and ease into the bliss of the upcoming journey. If you have already secured days off surrounding your vacation, why not maximize your time away and enjoy the excitement of a new city. Common port cities that appeal to many travelers are Seattle, Port Canaveral, Charleston, Galveston, and Miami.

The following content will outline a few exciting itinerary ideas for cities that are home to cruise ports throughout the U.S.


If your cruise ship is departing out of Seattle, lucky you! Seattle is home to many amazing sites that you will want to see before you embark on your trip. Seattle is home to the famous Pike Place Market. In the area surrounding the Market, you can find the Seattle Aquarium, Space Needle, Smith Tower, and many more attractions. When you are dining out, make sure to enjoy some of the local seafood and the infamous clam chowder.

Port Canaveral:

Port Canaveral is a coastal city that is full of areas where you can relax before your big vacation. Spend your days enjoying the coastline of Cape Canaveral. If you are someone who enjoys excursions, you can venture out and take part in parasailing, deep-sea fishing, or surfing. If you are a history buff, the Kennedy Space Center offers remarkable tours and is located just a few miles outside of town. Port Canaveral has plenty of shops and markets where you can stock up on anything you need prior to your trip. If you are looking for a place to stay, check out the amazing hotels found on https://www.allcruisehotels.com/.


Charleston is a charming city on the Southern coast of South Carolina. Rich in history and full of beautiful architecture, Charleston is a city that wins the heart of many travelers. During your time in Charleston, enjoy the coast at Isle of Palms. Isle of Palms has a long stretch of beaches and is adorned with many local dining options. After your day on the beach, you can stroll down Historic Main Street and indulge in both shopping and fine dining


It’s hard to visit Galveston without checking out “The Strand” of historic buildings, stores, and restaurants. Galveston is full of local breweries, water parks, and hidden beaches. If you are traveling with kids, consider taking them to Moody Gardens. Moody Gardens is an adventure park and an amusement park that provides entertainment for the whole family.


Miami is a bustling city with daring nightlife and vibrant culture. If you want to truly experience the culture, you may want to consider staying in Miami for a few days before or after your cruise. Although Miami is commonly known for its entertainment and character, it is home to many beautiful beaches and scenic areas. Many people rave about the “Monkey Jungle,” the Birding Trail, and the airboat rides through the Florida Everglades. Miami is a city where you can have wild nights and peaceful days.


When booking your next cruise, consider spending time in the city of departure. Many major port cities are full of adventure, history, and character. Since you will be spending much of your time on a boat in the days to come, it is nice to have the opportunity to walk around and explore prior to your trip.

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