Why A Prebooked Airport Or Cruise Port Transfer Can Be The Best Option For You? 

Whether you are an individual traveler who is eagerly awaiting their well-deserved holiday to start or a business traveler focusing on closing that important deal, most likely you will need a transfer option from the airport to your destination. Every airport or port has different options when it comes to transferring to the city. It can be private or public bus/minibus service, trains, taxis and alternate ways of transfer, such as limousine service and various kinds of popular ride-hailing apps. In this article, I will discuss why limousine service is the best way for airport or cruise port transfers. 

If you are a traveler on a shoestring budget, this piece is probably not for you. In all likelihood, a public bus will be your best choice when it comes to transferring in that case. Trains are often more expensive than buses but can be faster as well. This piece is for people who treat their time and money equally and also know how important it is to eliminate stress whenever you can. 

Prebooked limousine service offers exactly that. It is like your private jet but on the road and with a price almost anyone can afford. Additionally, it removes the worry out of your transfer service needs.

Premium limo services need to deliver a certain set of standards and one of those include waiting time. Even if your flight is late or you are spending too much time waiting for your luggage or going through customs, your driver will be waiting for you. They will usually be waiting for 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the airport. The act itself will give you a certain peace of mind. Then when the sliding doors open and you see a big crowd, it is incredibly nice to see someone who is waiting for you with your name on the board. You don’t know that person, but somehow they are not a stranger to you. 

Another piece of mind is that you know the price of your airport transfer in advance. If you agreed that the price will be 50 euros, it will be 50 euros. It is like booking a hotel. You get a price quote. And you will pay for it if you like it. It is that simple. Imagine going to a hotel where you won’t know how much you will have to pay until your departure. Nobody would like to have that experience with hotels and many people have that experience with taxis. 

For a limo service, it doesn’t matter whether there will be a traffic jam because of the peak hours or a traffic accident. The only transfer option that can be compared to limousine service is a taxi or some of the ride-hailing apps. One of the biggest myths is that limousine service is only for rich people, which is far from the truth. 

Initially, taxis are slightly cheaper, but eventually, they can appear to be much more expensive. It is like comparing budget hotels to all-inclusive ones. When it comes to all-inclusive hotels, you can even leave your wallet/credit card at home, whereas for budget hotels, you will pay much less in the beginning, but end up paying an amount similar to the one for an all-inclusive package, after you calculate all the expenses. And with much more hassle. 

If you take a cab, in many places your driver will be able to use a dedicated taxi lane which is also used by public transportation and, therefore, avoid possible traffic jams. However, there are many horror stories with taxi drivers ripping off foreigners. And you cannot do much about it. 

Ride-hailing apps, in comparison to old school taxis, can be a better solution because it is less possible that they will make the journey longer, as the route is monitored by the app. Their drivers are rated after each trip so they can be more easily punished or banned from using the platform if they cheat. More often than not, it applies only in theory. 

Nevertheless, if you get into a traffic jam, your bill can get significantly higher than planned. Not to mention if you land during the peak hours and use a ride-hailing app that usually has a so-called ’’surge pricing’’. In that case, their standard rates can get 1.5-2 or even 3 times more expensive, which is dictated by the market-demand conditions. Another possible stress for you when ordering a ride through a popular ride-hailing app is that you need a mobile Internet, and in many cases in a new country, you don’t have it immediately upon (your) landing. 

Yet, no matter if you choose a taxi or a ride-hailing app most likely you won’t get the vehicle (or service) that you will get with a limousine service. With a limo service, you will know the name of the driver ahead of time, the license plates and the (exact) car model that will transfer you, it usually being the Mercedes-Benz S-Class or E-Class. In US, fleet can often consist of models like Lincoln Continental, Cadillac XTS, Cadillac Escalade ESV and Chevrolet Suburban. With a taxi service, you often have little or no choice, and in many places, you will get the first taxi vehicle waiting in line, like it or not. Likewise, with a ride-hailing app, you will know those details only after you have placed your order. 

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Remember that we have mentioned above a set of standards in limousine service? One of the standards is a refreshment that will wait for you next to your seat. It can be very useful, especially on a hot day. The limousine driver, besides the fact that they are always dressed in a suit, has other manners, like knowing when to talk, when not to talk, and how to give you valuable insights about the city. Whether it means they recommend a good shop, restaurant, or place to visit not on the A-list of tourist attractions, the chauffeur will gladly provide you with the necessary assistance and be at your disposal. 

I hope you have realized why limousine transportation service can be the best option for you. The first impression of the city usually starts from the moment you leave the airport. When choosing your transportation partner, I highly recommend that you choose the ones that have an international footprint. If they are present in many cities and countries, if they are in the business for more than 10 years, have good reviews, and their quotes are the best, you will make a good choice and have a carefree trip.


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