Preparing For An On-Board Casino

One of the really great things about cruises is that they offer something for just about everyone. You can hang out on the deck soaking up the sun, indulge at restaurants and bars, catch live performances, go shopping, participate in group activities and games – and, of course, try your luck at the onboard casino. If you are the online gaming type then you can discover more at 666Casino.

At least in many cases, major cruise ships still have these casinos these days, and while they’re usually shut down during shore excursions, they’re open much of the rest of the time, making them some of the more constant forms of entertainment onboard.

It’s often tempting to go in and try your luck even if you’re not particularly experienced with casino gaming. And that’s fine, of course, so long as you remain responsible for the experience. But just to give you a little bit of an assist, we have some tips on preparing for onboard casino play.

Expect Poor Payouts

Truth be told, you should always plan on losing money when you go to the casino. That’s not to say you can’t work to win, or hope to win – but if you stay realistic about the odds, you’re more likely to be responsible about your gaming. That said it’s also important to recognize that cruise casinos have some of the poorest payouts in casino culture, generally speaking. This is because they’re the only game in town. It’s not like Las Vegas, where if one venue has poor payouts you can simply find a better one. There’s no competition, so the payouts are what they are.

Find Popular Games Beforehand

You may know that slots are still among the most popular casino games, as well as that they’ve taken off on the internet. What you might not know is that a lot of the popular slots in casinos and online are actually the same games. Online slots are available in absolutely dizzying variety, but by browsing online you can get a handle on some of the most popular games. Then, you might just find them again in the casino. This won’t give you an edge in strategy or in the odds, but it does foster familiarity, which always makes you feel more comfortable in a casino.

Know To Use Your Cruise Card

As a more general tip, it’s worth keeping in mind that at least in most cases, you can use your cruise card to withdraw chips and play table games. This is important to recognize in advance for two reasons: first, that it’s more convenient than using cash and second that it makes it a little bit easier to be careless with your money, which you should, of course, be mindful of.

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Expect Some Perks

This is just something to look forward to, but casinos on cruise ships do often adhere to the policy of providing complimentary drinks to people playing games. You should always keep in mind that this is basically a lure to get you to stick around and keep playing (and perhaps lower your inhibitions while you’re at it), but it’s still something worth keeping in mind.

Learn The Card Games

This is a good idea before you go to any casino. But rest assured, cruise ship casinos are not less casual or official when it comes to the table games. Regular rules and strategies still apply. Luckily, it’s easy enough to learn tips for blackjack, nail down the rules for poker, and otherwise, prepare for a successful outing. In the table games, you at least have a chance to affect the outcome, even if the odds remain against you.


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