Princess Cruises Drinks Packages Guide 2024

Taking a trip with Princess Cruises offers luxury and ease. Yet, understanding your drink options can feel complicated. There are many Princess Cruises drinks packages to choose from. Choosing the right one is key to enjoying your vacation without overspending. Imagine enjoying a great cup of coffee with your Princess Cruises coffee card or a special cocktail at sunset. The right drink package on Princess Cruises can turn a great trip into an extraordinary one.

Princess Cruises Drinks Packages

What Drinks are Included on Princess Cruises?

When it comes to drinks on Princess Cruises, there are some that are included in the price of your cruise fare, while others come at an additional cost. Similar to most cruise lines, Princess Cruises provides basic beverages that are complimentary. These include non-bottled iced water, iced tea, lemonade, brewed coffee, tea, and juice at breakfast. However, it’s important to note that soft drinks, espresso-based beverages, and all alcoholic beverages are not included and will incur an extra charge.

It’s worth mentioning that Princess Cruises has a policy that prohibits guests from bringing any alcoholic beverages onboard at embarkation. So, if you’re planning to enjoy alcoholic drinks during your cruise, you’ll need to consider purchasing a drink package or paying for each drink individually.

“Drinks included on Princess Cruises:

Complimentary DrinksAdditional Cost
– Non-bottled iced water– Soft drinks
– Iced tea– Espresso-based beverages
– Lemonade– Alcoholic beverages
– Brewed coffee
– Tea
– Juice at breakfast

So, while you can enjoy a selection of refreshing beverages free of charge, it’s important to budget for any additional drinks you may want to indulge in during your Princess cruise.

On every Princess Cruise, passengers get free hot tea, coffee, lemonade, and iced tea. It’s great for those who love simple, refreshing drinks. When picking a drinks package, think about what you like, your needs, and how much convenience you want. These cruises have lots of options to make your trip remarkable.

Here are the four drink packages:

Classic SodaSodas, juices, mocktails, smoothies$14.99 per day
Zero AlcoholAll non-alcoholic drinks$29.99 per day
Plus BeverageDrinks up to $15 each$64.99 per day
Premier BeverageDrinks up to $20 each$84.99 per day
Note: All Drink Packages charged an extra 18% service per day.

Deciding Between Plus & Premier Cruise Packages

Choosing the right fare package is crucial for a great time on your cruise. Princess Cruises has options to suit everyone, balancing luxury with budget. We’ll look at the beverage packages in both the Princess Plus and the drink packages, helping you pick the best for your sea journey.

Comparing Plus and Premier Beverage Package Benefits

Each package, like the Princess Plus Package and the Premier Drinks Package, has unique benefits. This section explores the perks and value of these options, helping you decide if the All Inclusive Drinks Package is right for you.

1. Premier Beverage Package

$84.99 per day + 18% service charge

Includes drinks up to $20:

  • Top shelf spirits, reserve wines by the glass and new high-end crafted cocktails by Mixologist Rob Floyd
  • Selection of 75+ spirits, 40+ wines by the glass, 20+ high-end, crafted cocktails
  • Premier wines by the glass including Duckhorn, Stag’s Leap, Grgich Hills and Cattier Champagne
  • Private Woodford Reserve Bourbon Selection created exclusively for Princess
  • Personalized Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Single Barrel Select
  • 25% discount on wine bottles (including rare vintages)
  • 25% discount on large bottles of water and cans of soda

2. Plus Beverage Package

$64.99 per day + 18% service charge

Includes drinks up to $15:

  • Cocktails, wine by the glass, beer, specialty coffees fountain sodas, bottled water, fresh juices and healthy smoothies (juice bar), new juice bar, mocktails and crafted cocktails by Mixologist Rob Floyd
  • 50 spirits, 25 wines by the glass, 25 beers, all specialty coffees & non- alcoholic drinks
  • 25% discount on wine bottles (including rare vintages)
  • 25% discount on large bottles of water and cans of soda

3. Zero-Alcohol Package

$29.99 per day + 18% service charge

Enjoy premium and specialty coffees and teas along with sodas, fresh juices and healthy smoothies (juice bar), hot chocolate, “zero-proof” mocktails, bottled water, San Pellegrino, Evian and Red Bull Energy Drinks througout your entire cruise with this zero-alcohol beverage package.

4. Classic Soda Package

$14.99 USD* per person, per day + 18% service charge

This package includes all sodas, fruit juices, mocktails and smoothies.

Princess Plus and Princess Premier Cruise Packages Compared

Princess Cruise offers many choices in packages and they now have bundled packages that make your cruise more inclusive by allowing you to have more things included with additional packages at a good value.

PackagePrincess PlusPrincess Premier
Cost:$60 per day$80 per day
Beverages:Plus Beverage Package (including the service charge)Premier Beverage Package (including the service charge)
Wi-Fi:1 device per guest4 devices per guest
Crew Appreciation Tips:IncludedIncluded
Premium desserts:2 per dayUnlimited
Fitness classes:2 per cruiseUnlimited
OceanNow® (delivery anywhere onboard):IncludedIncluded
Room service delivery:IncludedIncluded
Casual meals:2 per guestUnlimited
Medallion DeviceShipped to home freeShipped to home free
Speciality Dining:Not Included2 speciality dining meals per guest
Professional photos:Not IncludedPhoto package
Reserved theater seating:Not IncludedReserved theatre seating
Princess Prizes:Not IncludedPrincess Prizes

Must-Know Details for Avoiding Extra Charges

Choosing your beverages carefully is important. Remember, drink packages cannot be refunded or shared. You must buy the package for the whole cruise. This applies even if you don’t use it every day.

When one adult gets an alcohol package, others in the same cabin must too. Try to stay within the 15 alcoholic drinks per day limit. Souvenir glasses and minibar drinks are not covered, which might add extra costs.

Final Thoughts

Starting your journey with Princess Cruises, you get a wide choice of drinks to make your cruise even better. There are many drinks packages for your trip, focusing on what you like and great value. Princess Cruises offers a mix of drink prices and alcohol packages, making each guest’s experience special. You can choose from the Princess Beverage Package or the exclusive Princess Cruise Line Drink Package, depending on what you prefer.

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