Reasons to go on a Yacht Holiday to Croatia

There are many ways to holiday, but when was the last time you recollect spending some truly magical moments on a sublime stretch of water, and that too in an untouched environment, in total peace? The answer is most probably lost in a maze of negative memories! This is the reason, why, no matter which part of the world you are from, visiting Croatia for a yacht vacation, at least once, should be of top priority if you are an avid thrill seeker. 

A sailing trip, for example, in this Adriatic Sea region will throw up so many surprises, that taking even a little time out to spend some moments under the Mediterranean sun will surely result in giving a new meaning to your life. 

So here are some compelling reasons as to why you should escape from the mundane city life this summer and yacht charter in Croatia.

The Dalmatian Coast- Ultimate Bliss

Reasons to go on a Yacht Holiday to Croatia | 10

This totally scenic coastline encompasses a major part of Croatia, including the beautiful cities of Split and Dubrovnik as well as some other sought after island getaways. The warm inviting blue waters make a spectacular backdrop to the boating trip, with the quaint fishing villages offering ample opportunities to get down and explore the vibrant culture and history of the region.

Croatia’s breathtaking Dalmatian Coast has an incredible 1000+ secluded Islands just waiting to be explored. Holiday makers who choose to venture across these pristine waters, are more often than not, rewarded with dramatic views, sun drenched beaches and a number of sites relating to the rich history which are on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Dubrovnik – The essential stopover


There is no better way to explore this ‘ Atlantic Pearl’ than on a must stop at the beautiful city of Dubrovnik. A yacht trip to this iconic destination will open up the complete panorama of the Adriatic region from a vantage position. Once you have walked the streets of the Old Town, you will not find it difficult to imagine as to why Dubrovnik got listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Don’t let the crowds deter you- just sail to this place to take in the vibes of the city.

Explore the numerous islands

Surprisingly, islands form a major part of Croatia, a fact which very few visitors are  aware of. In fact, there are over 1000 of them, from which a majority are ideal for anchoring down and exploring. One such lovely spot is the isle of Lokrum, which is just a fifteen minutes boat ride from Dubrovnik. The sheltered areas here,offer the ideal abode for the seafarers for sunbathing and swimming.The more adventurous ones can head for Vis, the most furthest of all the isles, and have the experience of enjoying the largest wild terrain piece of land in the whole of Dubrovnik to themselves.

Enjoy the fine cuisine

Reasons to go on a Yacht Holiday to Croatia | 10

On any yacht charter in Croatia, there is one dish which always occupies the pride of place on the table, day in and day out. The rice stew of Black Risotto, made from squid or cuttlefish ink and sauteed and sliced to get the best flavour, is served traditionally everywhere along the coast. The succulent tasty meat dishes are a major draw with the yacht guests. The best part is that one can buy the fresh ingredients from any local market during a stopover and prepare your choicest dishes on the yacht itself. Alternately, you can enjoy a meal in any of the excellent restaurants which are lined up by the coast. Croatian cuisine mostly consists of Mediterranean flavors, with a bearing of Greek, Roman, Italian and French influences.

Visit the vineyards

Reasons to go on a Yacht Holiday to Croatia | 10

The wines from Croatia are a class apart, with the many regional varieties offering untold options to the guests to take home some branded bottles back on their yachts.. Guests have the option to even deboard and head inland to visit the fine wine producing villages of Cara and Smokvica, located in the interior of the mountains.

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Enjoy top class diving

Reasons to go on a Yacht Holiday to Croatia | 10

Guests on the yacht can never hope for a better experience when it comes to diving in crystal clear waters. Add to it the abundance of maritime life in the seas and the result is an unforgettable diving destination just waiting to be explored. World famous diving spots like, Blue Grotto near Vis, and Cathedral adjacent to Permuda, are all famous in their own right. Wreck divers will just adore the 1914 Baron Gautsch, the most endearing of all wrecks located off the Istrian Peninsula near Rovinj.

Visit coastal havens

Reasons to go on a Yacht Holiday to Croatia | 10

The best beaches of Croatia are also the most difficult to access and can only be reached by boat. Some absolute gems like Lubenice on the Isle of Cres or Bol on Brac island are in a class of their own. The protected National Park area is also a favourite haunt of sailors. During the summer season, these scarcely inhabited regions, suddenly spring to life with arrivals of a large number of yachts. Sailing here is a bit costly, but a good captain can make it worthwhile by taking you to the best family joints to taste the homemade Rakija, while the boat lies anchored at a safe place.

It is extremely affordable

Contrary to popular belief, a sailing holiday in Croatia is no longer a pastime for the rich and famous. Boat charter prices are equivalent to a stay in a reasonable class hotel, and even lower if one chooses to go during the leaner months of July and August. With a little forward planning and taking advantage of the early bird discounts, the holiday actually turns out to be very cheap and provides full value for money. Yacht prices are based on weekly occupancy basis, and the more the number of guests, the lesser the cost. So act now and contact your desired charter company today to avail of the best offers.

Croatia is a small country situated on the shores of the Adriatic sea. The 5800 km coastline here is considered to be among the most beautiful in the world, while the biological and geological diversity of the Adriatic is legendary.There are many different ways to see the world, and sailing the high seas around Croatia is one unique way, which is often overlooked by visitors to explore this beautiful country from another angle. All these attributes have gone in making Croatia the leading sailing destination in the world.

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