Royal Caribbean’s Making an Icon: Envisioning an Iconic Vacation (Ep 1)

Making an icon begins with a bold idea: to create the world’s greatest vacation. Come fall 2023, Royal Caribbean International is bringing this game-changing vision to life with the introduction of Icon of the Seas. You could say Icon has been in the making for more than 50 years, combining the best of the cruise line’s past, present and future.

Icon of the Seas

Making an Icon
Icon of the Seas Construction

In the first episode of “Making an Icon,” Envisioning an Iconic Vacation, meet many of the innovators behind it all. From naval architects to interior designers and industrial engineers, to futurists and more, they share details from the early days of imagining the soon-to-be-revealed cruise ship and a sense of the revolutionary, evolutionary and familiar experiences to come.

John Shallo
John Shallo
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