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As a way of expressing their appreciation for active military personnelSouthwest Airlines offers a Southwest military discount on fares. This discount provides substantial savings of at least 5% off standard rates, available exclusively to active military officials, cadets, midshipmen from various U.S. service academies, reservists, National Guard members, and their authorized dependents. Unfortunately, regular bookings do not cover military veterans, but they can enjoy special offers tailored to them.

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Key Takeaways

  • Southwest military discounts are available for active military personnel and their eligible dependents, offering appreciable savings on flights.
  • These fares are not accessible online and must be booked through Southwest’s customer service phone line or at a ticket counter.
  • Active duty military members can benefit from priority boarding when flying with Southwest Airlines.
  • Military veterans can enjoy exclusive benefits through the Veterans Advantage program, including everyday low fares and other perks.
  • Southwest offers last-minute deals for military members, letting them save significantly on flights close to their departure date.
  • Joining the Rapid Rewards loyalty program allows military members and veterans to earn points on discounted airfares with no blackout dates for redemption.
  • Southwest Airlines also supports military working dogs, allowing them to travel with their handlers at no additional charge.

The Generosity of Southwest: Unveiling Military Discounts

To honor those who serve the country, Southwest Airlines provides a military discount that reduces standard flight ticket rates. This discount is available for travel bookings made through the customer service phone line, as it cannot be redeemed online.

Active duty military members, even when not in uniform, can board early between the A and B groups by displaying their military ID.

Southwest’s Tribute to Service Members

Southwest offers substantial savings to active military personnel through their exclusive Southwest military promo code. These discounted fares make traveling more affordable for eligible individuals while expressing gratitude to those who serve in the armed forces.

Understanding the Discount Mechanics

The Southwest Airlines military fare involves a set price reduction from the standard ticket rates, facilitating more affordable travel for military members. To book these discounted fares, eligible individuals need to present their valid military ID and can book by either calling the customer representative or by visiting a Southwest Airlines ticket counter, since these fares are not available online.

Last-Minute Deals for Heroes

Southwest offers last-minute military discounts on fares, allowing those in the military to save significantly when booking flights close to their departure date. The process of securing these deals may require calling the airline’s customer service to ensure availability. These attractive last-minute deals make travel more accessible for military personnel, catering to their unique needs and schedules.

“Southwest proudly honors and acknowledges the sacrifices made by military members by offering discounted fares and additional perks as a token of appreciation.”

Eligibility Criteria for Southwest’s Military Fares

Southwest Airlines aims to extend its gratitude to active military personnel and their families by offering specialized military rates. To avail of these exclusive discounted fares, there are certain eligibility criteria that one must meet. The following categories of individuals are eligible for Southwest Airlines military rates:

  • Active military personnel
  • Cadets and midshipmen attending U.S. military academies
  • Reservists
  • National Guard members
  • Authorized dependents of active military members

Individuals from the above-mentioned categories can enjoy substantial savings on their flights with Southwest Airlines. It is also important to note that military veterans may not be eligible for the standard military fare. However, they can still take advantage of exclusive offers provided by the Veterans Advantage program.

Southwest’s military fares showcase the airline’s commitment to giving back to those who serve and protect our country.

In order to successfully book a flight using the military discount, eligible individuals must present a valid military ID and follow the booking guidelines outlined by the airline. This involves contacting either a Southwest Airlines customer representative or visiting a Southwest Airlines ticket counter, as these discounted fares are not available for booking online.

Eligibility CategorySouthwest Military Rate EligibilityVeterans Advantage Eligibility
Active military personnelYesNo*
Authorized dependentsYesNo*
National Guard membersYesNo*
Military veteransNoYes

*Note: While active military personnel and their authorized dependents may not be eligible for Veterans Advantage benefits, they can still take advantage of Southwest Airlines military rates and other associated perks.

As you plan your next journey, be sure to inquire about Southwest’s military fares and the possibility of taking part in the Veterans Advantage program if you’re a military veteran. These offers are designed to express gratitude and appreciation for the sacrifices made by our servicemen and women and their families.

Saluting Veterans: Exploring Southwest Veterans Advantage

Southwest Airlines honors the service and sacrifice of military veterans through their Veterans Advantage program. This program is exclusively tailored to military veterans and their families, granting access to everyday low fares and multiple privileges, including Southwest Airlines military coupons.

The Array of Exclusive Veterans Benefits

Members of the Veterans Advantage program get to enjoy a wide range of benefits, such as:

  1. Free first and second checked bags
  2. No flight change or cancellation fees
  3. Priority boarding in the A1-A15 group
  4. Rapid Rewards points with no blackout dates for redemption

These exclusive benefits ensure that veterans and their families have a comfortable and hassle-free travel experience with Southwest Airlines.

Earning Rewards with Every Flight

Besides the exclusive benefits, veterans enrolled in the Veterans Advantage program are encouraged to participate in Southwest’s Rapid Rewards loyalty program. By doing so, veterans can earn loyalty points on discounted airfare trips, adding more value to every flight journey.

The accumulated Rapid Rewards points can be used to book future flights without any concerns about expiration dates or blackout dates. Ultimately, this loyalty program enhances the overall travel experience and allows military veterans to make the most out of their Southwest Airlines military discount.“Southwest Airlines is proud to support our military veterans through exclusive benefits and discounts, making their travel experience more enjoyable and rewarding.”

In conclusion, the Veterans Advantage program by Southwest Airlines is a great initiative aimed at honoring and rewarding military veterans for their service. From exclusive benefits to loyalty points, this program ensures that veterans and their families have a comfortable and affordable travel experience with Southwest.

Securing Your Military Discount with Southwest Airlines

Although the Southwest military discount online booking option is not available, members of the military and their families can still learn about eligibility and the array of benefits available through the Veterans Advantage program by accessing Southwest’s official website or mobile application.

Show a group of military personnel with luggage standing in front of a Southwest Airlines plane. The plane should have a large American flag painted on it, with the words “Thank you for your service” in bold letters underneath. In the background, add a “book now” button symbolizing the ease and convenience of booking online. The military personnel should be smiling and appear happy to be taking advantage of the military discount. The image should convey a sense of appreciation and pride for our military members and their service.

In order to secure discounted fares, those eligible for the military discount southwest airlines offers can obtain personalized assistance by calling Southwest’s customer service. Keep reading to learn more about the online booking experience and how to get personalized assistance for booking over the phone.

The Online Booking Experience

While Southwest’s military discount cannot be applied directly through online bookings, you can still gather important information and details about the Veterans Advantage program from Southwest’s official website or mobile application. This resource can assist you in understanding the extent of savings, policies, and perks available to military members and their families.

Personalized Assistance: Booking Over the Phone

If you are interested in obtaining the exclusive Southwest Airlines military promo code for discounted fares, your best approach is to call the customer service number. During your call, the customer service agent will help you verify your eligibility and guide you through the booking process.

  1. Prepare your valid military ID and any other necessary documentation.
  2. Call the dedicated customer service number to book your flight.
  3. Provide proper identification and verification of military status.
  4. Book your flight with the agent’s assistance and enjoy your discounted fare.

In some cases, additional steps may be required when booking as a dependent of a military member. The customer service agent will guide you through this process, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Southwest military discounts make travel more affordable and accessible for our brave men and women in uniform and their families, all while delivering Southwest’s signature friendly and customer-focused service.

By taking advantage of Southwest Airlines’ military discount and booking over the phone with personalized assistance, you can enjoy a stress-free, budget-friendly travel experience with the renowned airline that values your service and commitment to our country.

Military Policies for Hassle-Free Travel with Southwest

Southwest Airlines is dedicated to ensuring a smooth and enjoyable travel experience for military personnel. With a range of policies specifically designed for the brave men and women serving our country, active-duty military members can take advantage of priority boarding and extra baggage benefits, among other perks.

Priority Boarding for the Brave

Recognizing the sacrifices made by active-duty military personnel, Southwest Airlines extends priority boarding privileges to those in service. Regardless of their actual boarding pass position, military members are positioned between the A and B boarding groups. To benefit from this policy, simply present a valid military identification card at the time of boarding.

Extra Baggage Benefits for Military Personnel

Understanding the unique travel needs of our nation’s heroes, Southwest Airlines offers extra baggage benefits for active-duty military passengers. Those in service are exempt from fees for excess, oversize, or overweight baggage up to a certain limit, providing a significant advantage during their journeys.

Baggage BenefitDetails
No two-piece baggage limitMilitary travelers are not restricted to the standard two-piece baggage limit.
Weight limitEach bag should not weigh more than 100 pounds.
Size limitEach bag should not exceed 80 inches in combined dimensions (length + width + height).
IdentificationA valid active-duty military identification card must be presented at check-in to enjoy these benefits.

In conclusion, Southwest Airlines is proud to support military personnel through specialized travel policies tailored to their needs. By offering priority boarding and extra baggage benefits, Southwest reinforces its commitment to providing exceptional service for all customers, particularly those who serve our country with honor and dedication.

Understanding Government and Military Fares

Southwest Airlines acknowledges the dedicated service of military personnel by offering special government and military fares. These exclusive rates are available for active-duty individuals and their authorized dependents, including reservists and Coast Guard members across various U.S. service academies.

Exclusive Fares for Service Members

These special fares provide a variety of benefits, such as automatic check-in 36 hours before departure, significantly easing the travel experience for military members. However, it is essential to note that these fares cannot be acquired online or purchased using Rapid Rewards points. Instead, eligible members must call Southwest to book these discounted rates.

Rapid Rewards: A Milestone for Military Savings

Although Rapid Rewards points cannot be used to purchase government and military fares, active military members can still benefit from Southwest’s loyalty rewards program. By accumulating points through other discounted trips, military members can enjoy additional travel savings that do not have expiration dates or blackout periods.

Southwest Airlines military discount: A gift for those who serve our nation.

In conclusion, Southwest’s government and military fares provide an excellent opportunity for service members to enjoy exclusive offers while traveling. And, by taking advantage of the Rapid Rewards program, they can continue to enjoy savings on future journeys with Southwest Airlines.

The Companions in Arms: Policies for Military Working Dogs

Military working dogs are valuable members of the defense forces, serving critical roles in various tasks and missions. Recognizing the vital support these canines provide, Southwest Airlines has a comprehensive Military working dogs policy in place to facilitate their travel alongside their human handlers. This policy ensures that Southwest remains a preferred choice for military personnel and their furry partners as they serve the nation.

Southwest Airlines: We welcome Military Working Dogs as part of a Military Working Dog Team and, as such, they are permitted at no charge. Fully trained service dogs and their handlers are also supported during travel.

  1. Traveling with military working dogs: Military working dogs are permitted to travel with their trained handlers as part of a military working dog team on Southwest Airlines.
  2. No additional charges: Southwest Airlines offers the service at no extra cost, showing appreciation for the significant role these service animals play in military operations.
  3. Fully trained service dogs: The policy also supports fully trained service dogs and their handlers, ensuring seamless travel and accommodation of their needs onboard Southwest flights.

In conclusion, Southwest Airlines is committed to accommodating the unique requirements of military personnel, including their hard-working canine companions. By offering a comprehensive military working dogs policy, Southwest Airlines demonstrates its gratitude and respect for the invaluable services rendered by these brave teams.

Final Thoughts

In summary, the Southwest military discount is a fantastic way for active service members, their families, and military veterans to enjoy significant travel savings and added benefits. As one of the leading airlines in the United States, Southwest demonstrates its appreciation and gratitude for the individuals who have dedicated themselves to protect and serve our country.

With the Veterans Advantage program providing an array of unique perks and discounts, it is evident that Southwest aims to continuously support those who have served. As we move into 2023, this commitment will only continue to grow and provide excellent value for both military personnel and their loved ones.

Eligible members looking to take advantage of these discounts and additional benefits should reach out to the Southwest customer service team to discuss their options and to book their discounted fares. In doing so, they can enjoy a hassle-free and cost-effective travel experience with an airline that genuinely appreciates their service and sacrifice.


Who is eligible for Southwest’s military discount?

Active duty military personnel, cadets, midshipmen from U.S. military academies, reservists, National Guard members, and authorized dependents of active military members are eligible for Southwest’s military fares. Military veterans can enjoy exclusive offers through the Veterans Advantage program.

How can I book a Southwest military fare?

Southwest military fares can be booked by calling the customer service number and speaking directly with an agent. You can also book these fares by visiting a Southwest Airlines ticket counter. Military fares are not available for online bookings.

What benefits do military passengers receive through Southwest Airlines?

Military passengers enjoy discounted fares, priority boarding, extra baggage benefits, and exclusive offers through the Veterans Advantage program. Military working dogs can also travel on Southwest Airlines as part of a military working dog team with their trained handlers at no additional charge.

Can military veterans take advantage of Southwest’s military discount?

Military veterans may not be eligible for the standard military fare, but they can enjoy exclusive offers through the Veterans Advantage program, including everyday low fares, free first and second checked bags, and no flight change or cancellation fees.

Can I earn Rapid Rewards points when booking a military fare?

Rapid Rewards points cannot be used to purchase government and military fares. However, active military members can benefit from Southwest’s loyalty rewards by accumulating points through other discounted trips which do not have expiration dates or blackout periods.

What are the extra baggage benefits for military personnel?

Active-duty military passengers are exempt from fees for excess, oversize, or overweight baggage up to a certain limit. There is no two-piece baggage limit, providing a significant benefit to military travelers. Each bag should not be heavier than 100 pounds or larger than 80 inches in combined dimensions, and a valid active duty identification card must be presented at check-in.

How does priority boarding work for military passengers?

Southwest Airlines allows active-duty military members to board early between the A and B boarding groups, regardless of their actual boarding pass. This policy requires valid military identification at the time of boarding.

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