Set Sail for Your Dream Cruise Wedding

When imagining your future wedding, you tend to picture the person you love, friends, family, and of course a theme that matches your tastes, hobbies, and personality. For some of us, that includes our love of cruises and exploration!

Deciding to tie the knot on the water is a unique and memorable way to celebrate your love and future marriage. It also requires a unique kind of planning. If a cruise ship wedding sounds like the perfect fit for you and your partner, there are few things you’ll need to take into consideration and plan for accordingly.

A Unique Venue

Venues are often the most difficult, most argued about factor in a wedding. To be fair, your venue acts like a temporary home for one of the most special moments in your life. It’s important to make it a great one! With a cruise ship (or cruise ship destination) venue in mind, there are still some things you should be considerate of.

Considering your space (the ship) has already been selected, the venue picking will really come down to where you would love to set sail. Considering your cruise ship wedding will likely also be part of your honeymoon trip, you might consider a new, never been to location. It’ll also be worth selecting a cruise that will give you and your guests time to explore a new or favorite country. It’s a celebration! You might as well make it an adventurous one.

Another venue factor to be aware of is how many guests you plan to invite. Tungsten Rings & Co. drives home this point, explaining, “[You should] remove any venue, no matter how exquisite, that does not support your total headcount … For example, don’t waste your time touring a venue that will not support your head count or a venue that will not work for you. You should not be forced to alter your wedding plans to make it work.” While a cruise ship wedding might be your dream, you’ve got to consider the limited space and costs. If the cruise ship venue is a must-have, then consider limiting the amount of people you invite. Romance and memories can still be found within a small party enjoying a beautiful evening on the sea.


Cruise CompeteThis key wedding component can either be a pro or con, depending on your budget and preference. The upside to getting hitched on a cruise ship is you’ll have to worry less about catering if you’re happy with what the cruise ship has to offer. The downside can be if you have a particular caterer you want, getting them on board can get tricky, if not impossible, and certainly expensive. You might also have to pay a pretty penny for the cruise ship catering if you plan to cover all of your guests’ meals during the trip.

Will all of that in mind, you might just have to get a bit creative to satisfy you and your guest. For example, you could reimburse your guests for the food on the day of your actual wedding or provide some drink tokens for them to use and enjoy throughout the trip. Overall, it’s worth keeping in mind that while it may not be the exact caterer you wanted, the cruise ship will likely offer some amazing, delicious dishes and drinks.

The Wedding Photographer

Another perk to having your dream cruise ship wedding are the many sure-to-awe backdrops you’ll have for your wedding album. Considering a cruise ship celebration will act as a wedding, vacation, and travel opportunity all in one package, you’ll have a variety of photos to look back on.

The main struggle you’ll find here is whether or not to hire a professional wedding photographer. They’ll likely expect you to pay for their ticket and other expenses. If you have the budget, bringing someone onboard who has a solid knowledge of wedding photography is certainly worth it. However, considering that the backdrop of your wedding pictures (and your wedding-ready smiles as happy newlyweds) are sure to be amazing on their own, asking relatives to snap their own photos of your special day can be just as good!   

Your wedding, however you decide to celebrate, is sure to be memorable. A luxury cruise ship wedding is certainly one way to never forget your special day. With a little help and a lot of planning, you can make your wedding dreams a reality. Good luck!

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