Setting Sail With the Best Cruise Casinos in the World

There are some things that you expect to find on a cruise ship, no matter which company is in charge of its operation. You want a comfortable room that you’re happy to call home for several days, you want a wide array of high-class restaurants to keep you satisfied, and you want sources of entertainment that won’t run dry. One of the classic forms of on-deck entertainment is the casino, with cruise casinos following the lead of cruise ships by becoming bigger and better than ever before.

The popularity of casinos

The cruise casino is not threatened by the rise of online casinos, which have become the dominant platform for iGaming enthusiasts. Online casinos have become hugely popular as a result of their accessibility and their ever-expanding selection of games, with countless sites out there striving to be the top online casino with the most positive reviews. Understandably, the industry is competitive due to how successful it has been, with sites such as this providing guidance to bettors.

That is the case on land, but gambling at sea is ruled by the cruise casinos thanks to the ships’ journeys into international waters. By accommodating venues as luxurious as anything you might find in Las Vegas, cruise ships can offer a high-class physical gambling experience. This is why so many cruise aficionados love to spend their time on the rolling seas by rolling the dice on a craps table.

Here’s a look at three of the best cruise casinos in the world.

Setting Sail With the Best Cruise Casinos in the World | 28

Allure of the Seas

Allure of the Seas is an Oasis-class cruise ship, which immediately tells you one thing about this vessel: it’s big. Royal Caribbean launched Allure in 2009 to much fanfare, as it became the world’s largest passenger ship. With a length of 362 meters and 16 passenger decks to play with, you’d expect Allure to deliver a casino of epic proportions. And you’d be right, as Allure’s casino houses well over 400 slot machines and multiple variations of table game classics.

Every vessel in Royal Caribbean’s fleet has a casino onboard, with each appropriately named Casino Royale, but Allure is one of the standouts. If you want to live out a James Bond fantasy at sea, then Allure’s casino is the place to be. With competitive tournaments and at-table cocktail service, you may well feel like you’re in the movie Casino Royale rather than in a cruise casino of the same name.

Setting Sail With the Best Cruise Casinos in the World | 28

Norwegian Encore

Norwegian Cruise Line’s Norwegian Encore isn’t quite as gigantic as Allure of the Seas, but it still ranks among the world’s biggest cruise ships. Encore is the largest in Norwegian’s fleet, with this Breakaway Plus-class vessel a striking presence on waters across the world. Having made its debut in November 2019, Encore offers one of the most cutting-edge casino cruise experiences.

Norwegian has long been renowned for its cruise casino offerings, but Encore is its grandest work yet. The Encore’s casino has an almost futuristic feel, with over 300 of the latest slot machines ready and waiting for action. There are also 26 gaming tables for those who prefer the likes of roulette and craps. Appropriately on a ship named Encore, it feels like there’s always something more for passengers to enjoy.

Setting Sail With the Best Cruise Casinos in the World | 28
Queen Mary turns in the river Mersey to celebrate the 175th anniversary of Cunard

Queen Mary 2

Full disclosure to any sticklers about their types of vessels: the Queen Mary 2 is not a cruise ship. Cunard’s flagship actually qualifies as an ocean liner, but it merits inclusion here given it was constructed with passengers in mind. While Royal Caribbean’s fleet includes a few vessels heftier than the Queen Mary 2, Cunard’s famous ship remains the world’s biggest ocean liner.

Those enjoying a cruise on the Queen Mary 2 have much to savor, but many passengers’ first port of call will be its casino. Luxury is the theme, with players expected to don their smartest clothes before they come and play a wide array of slot machines and table games. Its dress code may have stricter requirements than other cruise casinos, but low minimum bets also make the Queen Mary 2 more accessible than most.

No two sessions in a casino are the same, which is why cruise casinos continue to enthrall passengers throughout a ship’s voyage. Anyone who sets foot on the three cruise ships listed here knows that they will have access to what are essentially floating Monte Carlos, helping to reinforce the link between luxury and cruises.

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