7 Reasons Why You Sleep So Good On Your Cruise

Going on a cruise is the perfect getaway for a holiday treat. It’s basically the perfect time to treat yourself to all the spoils which your otherwise tight schedules prevent you from enjoying – from nice hot Jacuzzis to sauna treatments and the envied spa services. You obviously know this; nonetheless, there is one major part that most experts forget to mention when narrating all you are likely to encounter – the sea sleep!

Most people make the wrong assumption that they will be sleep deprived once they go out on sea. They include factors like seasickness, the boat rocking from the unsettled waves, the unnecessary commotion from all the people on board just to name but a few. Such prejudiced assumptions could only come from someone who’s not had the opportunity to cruise. Research is now out indicating people suffering from insomnia enjoy a different experience when on sea. Here is why your sleeping time is likely to be one of the best you’ve had in ages.

Unadulterated Darkness

Most cabins are designed in such a manner not to allow any light to stream in. Inside these rooms, you will experience a feeling of utter darkness that’s been found to prompt sleep much faster than in your usual bedrooms.

Do Rock My Boat

Why is it much easier to lull a baby to sleep when seated on a rocking chair? Why do mothers sway their babies to sleep? There’s a comfort that comes from these movements and science shows it hypnotizes the brain to switch off.

The same concept can be transferred to the cruise ship. The movements from the waves might be a nuisance to some during the day, but when tucked inside the sheets, they happen to catalyze sleep. Most people never get to feel the rocking in today’s ship designs, especially those situated on the lower decks. So to get the best from such movements, cruise addicts are advised to go for the upper decks – thank me later.

Palatial Beds

When you’ve gotten so you used to your beds, experiencing a different sort of sleeping area could be the perfect therapy. Dr. Breus, a professional sleep doctor based in Los Angeles, a firm supporter of nolahmattresscoupons.com, has been engaged in building beds for ships and cruise liners. When asked about the issue, the doctor lit up with positive comments showing how easy it is to come up with beds for ships than it is to construct luxury beds for hotels. He went on to suggest that the ship movements seem to have made the process even much easier and the result – every cruise ship seems to be borrowing this idea!

Outside Naps

Who said you only need your beds and decks to enjoy a wonderful rest when cruising? Most cruise ships are armed with a bunch of places to enjoy a light nap as you watch the sun go down. With such a panoramic view of the sea and the fresh sea air, you can be sure this is exactly the kind of sleep your body needs.

Zero Time Restrictions

It’s holiday time – no one’s going to tell you when to go to bed or when to wake up. Moreover, no one’s expecting you to set your alarm clock. With null time restriction, you basically have the chance to sleep whenever and wherever you want – talk about absolute freedom!

Absolute Serenity

Going out on sea only implies one thing – you want to run away from all the noise your everyday world has to offer. There is no better place to run into to find the peace, comfort, freshness and a change – a positive one of course bound to give you the kind of nights you’ve been missing out on.

Do Not Disturb!

Just like in hotel rooms, your cabins will have a “do not disturb” sign on the door. Whether you are alone or decided to go cruising as love birds, no one will come knocking at your door!

Happy cruising even as you enjoy your sleep therapy!

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