Sporting Events Around The World To Book A Holiday For In 2023

We may only be at the start of the year, but people will already be planning when and where they will go on holiday in 2023. And, for those with a penchant for sports and big sporting events, it’s possible to marry said events with holidays, making for an even more enjoyable experience. But which sporting events are worth taking the plunge for?

Champions League Final

2022 finished with a flourish thanks to a tremendous World Cup in Qatar, and the next big football event on the calendar is the Champions League final, which will take place in the height of summer in Istanbul, Turkey. The Champions League final, as everyone knows, is one of the most popular sporting events around, with millions tuning in to watch and many placing football bets online on a wide range of betting markets. And, with Turkey being one of the most well-equipped tourist destinations, a holiday there is worth considering in June.

Super Bowl

In the eyes of many, the Super Bowl is the number one sporting event on the planet. Yes, it’s huge in terms of the NFL, but everything that goes with and surrounds the Super Bowl makes it the showpiece event it is. Super Bowl LVII is fast approaching, with the date set for February 12. However, there’s still plenty of time to make that once-in-a-lifetime trip and commitment to experience everything this sporting event has to offer. This year, the Super Bowl will head to Arizona, with the game being played at the State Farm Stadium, so the weather will be glorious for all NFL fans.

Women’s Football World Cup

Women’s football is on the rise around the globe. It’s being broadcast more on television and is being brought into line with the men’s game in parts. The increased coverage means that interest in the women’s game has risen significantly, and the recent European Championships proved significant in that sense. And, as everyone knows, there’s only one thing better than the Euros, and that’s the World Cup. The great news is that the Women’s World Cup is going to be held in Australia and New Zealand this year across July and August. Again, making for the perfect summer jaunt for many.

Rugby World Cup

We end this list with another mention of a world cup, but it’s men’s rugby this time. The Rugby World Cup is as important to many as the other world cups across other sports are. And, if anybody wants to watch it live and in person, especially if they’re from the UK or Europe, they aren’t going to have to travel far as it’s being held in France during September and October. Again, the great thing about attending such an event is that you’re not just going there for a day; you can map out a holiday to fit around multiple games. And everything surrounding rugby, such as the community feel and fun factor, is great too.

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