Starboard Cruise Services Unveils Bold Brand Refresh

Starboard Cruise Services, an LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton company and retail curator at sea, announces a company-wide transformative brand amplification. With a new visual identity and redesigned logo emphasizing its globally recognized name, Starboard, the change amplifies Starboard’s values and purpose to – Curate a Vibrant World – while providing an elevated perspective on the company’s well-known best-in-class vacation retail. 

Transitioning To an Even Brighter Future

Starboard has continually introduced new strategies to increase growth and re-enforce its strong company culture. An internal realignment introduced dedicated account teams to optimize Starboard’s goal of delivering distinct cruise line account strategies and services, such as curated products, experiences and marketing tactics that reflect each line’s unique brand and guest profile. Launching the Luxury Division, further diversified Starboard’s services and partner portfolio by offering highly curated collections differentiated for luxury cruise lines.

Rooted in Heritage While Ever Evolving 

The North Star brand amplification honors Starboard’s LVMH heritage of unparalleled luxury offerings and celebrates its rich history as the first travel duty-free retailer in the U.S.  While ever evolving, the retailer embodies the same principles and values it was founded upon by A.E. Merhige in 1958, maintaining a level of curiosity, wanderlust and passion. 

“We are doing business differently by sparking wanderlust and curating memorable products and experiences that celebrate moments that matter in life,” stated Lisa Bauer, President and CEO of Starboard. “Our amplified branding certainly reflects how our purpose to curate a vibrant world radiates through every touch point and every stakeholder, from our cruise partners, brand partners, employees to of course our guests onboard” 

Amplifying Starboard’s North Star

The brand amplification centers on Starboard’s redesigned visual identity, exemplified by the new logo and introduction of the Starburst icon. The new look and feel are reflected across all touchpoints, including the website and social channels.

Logo | Starboard set out to design an emblem as iconic and distinguished as its immersive and personalized onboard shopping experiences. The new logo illustrates the essence of the company’s name as well as the “starburst”, a new icon that perfectly echoes the essence of Starboard’s North Star framework as it radiates vibrant rays of light, color and energy – beckoning different interpretations. Some see bows of ships coming together in curved lines and dots. Others see a human figure in the center with outstretched arms, calling to the idea how unity emerges through coming together to fulfill a purpose.

Starboard Cruise Services
New Logo Design

Website | The redesigned website captures Starboard’s bold thinking and modern approach while maintaining the brand’s essence. It also highlights the wide range of high-quality services offered across the Luxury Division and sister company, Onboard Media.

  • Starboard curates vacation retail experiences
  • The Luxury Division serves existing and new ultra-premium cruise lines
  • Onboard Media produces innovative multimedia solutions for the greater travel industry

Starboard Cruise Services

Starboard is devoted to constantly pushing the boundaries of curating vacation retail experiences at sea. The amplified visual identity reflects the company’s vision to reimagine the future of onboard shopping. With a renewed sense of clarity and focus, Starboard is poised for success in the years ahead and well-positioned to expand its signature vacation retail offerings.

For more information, visit the company’s website at:

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