The Best Cruises for College Students

Cruises can be very relaxing. They are so different from our normal lives; they are fun to go on! But what cruise should you go on? This article has tips concerning what cruises are good. As a student, you want the most value for your money – read on for ideas!

Special Events and Chartered Cruises

Maybe you don’t want a full holiday on a cruise. Maybe you just want something special for a few hours. If that’s the case, then a special event might be just up your alley. It has all the advantages of a cruise, while not taking up so much time! You do need to remember that these things take time, of course. While a good essay writing site can write a perfect essay in 2 hours, even the best cruise company can’t set things up so quickly. If you want to have a good chartered cruise, you will need to give them more time to set it up. Most cruises are on set routes and itineraries; they can set up new ones, but they need to work on it.

Cruise Lines

If you want to find the best cruise lines for college students, you will need to take a look at yourself. Generally, a cruise line is a much better option for students, as they will be the cheapest option.

When looking for a cruise, stick to cruise lines. There will be a lot of variety in the types of cruises you find. You will always be able to find something that appeals to you, don’t worry! For the best results, sign up to cruise line newsletters. You could also try some discount cruise sites. Finding a cheap cruise is different from other travel plans. You want to try and find one close to its embarkation date. Cruises don’t like having any empty rooms. If they get close to the time they are leaving and still have rooms left? They will sell the remaining rooms quite cheaply.

Carnival Paradise

The Carnival cruise line is ideal for a college student’s cruise. The line is so big that it can go almost anywhere, and leave from almost anywhere. It doesn’t matter where you are, you will be near an embarkation point for one of the ships.

These ships also have a lot of activities on board. You will always have something to do, even on the days when you don’t leave the ship.

As a final point, Carnival Paradise is quite big. As a result, the cruises can be much cheaper than they might be otherwise. This is good if you are a student without much money.

Norwegian Escape

Norwegian Escape has just opened its first-ever onboard wine bar. If wine is something you enjoy, then these college cruises could be for you! Norwegian is also known for catering to solo travelers more than other cruise lines. You can enjoy a little peace on your journey!

Norwegian cruises have quite big ships, so again, the price is a little lower than it might otherwise be. The price is hugely dependent on where you are going. Don’t expect to get a cheap New Zealand cruise!

Norwegian Escape has a special section on its site for last-minute cruise deals. If you are near to the port the cruise leaves from, you can enjoy a wonderful cruise for a fraction of the price!

Carnival Vista

Carnival Vista is the ship that you will want to be on. These ships are newer than other cruise lines, and it shows. If you go to Carnival Vista, you will get to see whatever parts of the world are part of your cruise. You will also get some completely up to date on board entertainment. There’s fun for everyone, no matter what you like to do.

Carnival Vista is based out of England, which means more ships leave from ports around the UK. This is very handy for anybody who is studying in the UK – they can just use some professional essay writing service in Canada, and go on a cruise!

Norwegian Pearl

Norwegian pearl may not be the best cruises for college students. They are very family oriented, but that might be your thing!

These cruises go anywhere around the world, so it really depends on your budget and what you want to see. They also offer weekend cruises, for students who want the experience but not the expense.

Norwegian Pearl has its own spa on board the ship. You can while away the hours or days between ports by going for one of the many treatments they have available. You can make your cruise an incredibly relaxing experience this way. The spa offers hot stone massages, among other treatments, so there is something for everyone.

The Best Cruises for College Students | 29
Cunard Royal Rendezvous between Queen Elizabeth
and the Queen Mary, Long Beach, CA

Queen Mary 2

The Queen Mary 2 is the epitome of elegance and luxury on the sea. This could be one of the best cruises for college students, especially if you had it as a reward for your hard work!

This cruise ship is famous for its round the world trips. It is not cheap, but that makes it all the more exciting when you do get to go on it!

The Queen Mary offers you endless choices in all manner of restaurants, bars, activities, sights, and more! Do you want to enjoy a touch of old-fashioned elegance on your holiday? Then start saving now for a cruise you will never forget!

Harmony of the Seas

Harmony of the Seas will give you a college spring break cruise experience you will never forget! This is the largest cruise ship on the sea right now, so the cruises can remain quite cheap.

Harmony of the Seas is very up to date. It has everything you might want in terms of activities. It also has a bar which features robots! You will definitely want to spend some time here. What better way to while away the time between ports than by seeing a robot in action?

There are lots of cruise deals available on the website, including deals on staterooms and more. You could probably save a lot of money through these deals.

Disney Wonder

Ah, Disney Wonder. When you look for essays for sale online, you expect the best, don’t you? Well, when you go to Disney Wonder, you should also expect the best, because they will deliver!

Disney has the usual cruise ports available, but it has more on-board activities than most other ships will. 

Enjoy your Trip

This article will hopefully have given you some good ideas for how to find a cruise. When you do find one, take every opportunity of enjoying yourself. A cruise can be a unique opportunity, or it can be simply a different type of holiday. It is completely up to you.

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