The Biggest and the Best Cruises in 2020

Us cruise fanatics are always looking for the next cruise even before we’ve disembarked the one we’re on. And while 2019 was a good year for cruises, the world cruises that are coming in 2020 are nothing short of mind-blowing. So here you go. The biggest and the best cruises in 2020.

The Uncharted World Tour

If you’re an explorer who wants to see the world raw and unfiltered, unfiltered of its purest form, The Uncharted World Tour is for you. It’s the first Expedition World Cruise in history, designed to explore the secrets of the “The Uncharted World”.

Lasting from January 30 to July 16 in 2021, the Uncharted World Tour will last 167 days. During this time, it’ll cover 107 ports across 30 countries. The tour starts from Ushuaia in Argentina and ends at Valparaiso in Chile. Along the way, you’ll pass the Drake Passage, the Antarctic Peninsula, the Chilean Fjords, the English Narrows, Tortel, Castro, and Niebla.

A total of 254 guests and 212 crew will sail atop the ship Silver Cloud, 156.7 meters long and 21.5 meters wide.

Crystal Cruises 2020 World Cruise

If you’re looking for a world cruise that’s more on the luxury side, Crystal Cruises 2020 World tour is your best option. It’ll take you on an epic adventure through the Southern Hemisphere and beyond, taking you across a wide range of traditions, flavors, and enrichment.

The 105-nights adventure takes place from January 6 to April 21, 2020. The boarding point is from Miami while the trip ends in Rome. You’ll get to visit various well-known cities like Cartagena, Panama City, Bora Bora, Papeete, Lautoka, Auckland, Napier, Wellington, Hobart, Sydney, Bali, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Phuket, Colombo, Cochin, Mumbai, Petra, and Siracusa.

The cruise promises events like Welcome Celebration Receptions, a shoreside gala dinner extravaganza in Hobart, and a World Cruise Event in Cochin. Other benefits include complimentary private car transfers, specially curated gifts, celebrity entertainment, and special festivities.

2020 World Cruise

The 2020 World Cruise is Seabourn’s first in six years and is intended to transport an intimate group of like-minded travelers to 62 ports on five continents. It’s designed to bring the two aspects of cruise travel together: one, the world of fine dining, relaxation, and fine wines; and two, the exploration of ports, cities, hidden coves, and mesmerizing landscapes.

From January 4th to May 28th, 2020, you’ll start at Miami, travel across 35 other countries and land at San Fransisco. The list of destinations includes Cape Town, Dakar, Hong Kong, Sydney, Dakar, Mombasa, Durban, Abidjan, Singapore, Madras, Nose Be, Hamilton Island, Mindelo, Ilha de Moçambique, and Singapore.

The cruise boasts of several exciting highlights, like Caviar in the Surf Beach BBQ and Marina Day with complimentary watersports, regional wines, menus with a focus on local cuisines, classes with resident artists, and local entertainment. You’ll even be able to go on excursions with a Seabourn chef as your guide at various ports.

Cruise Compete

A World of Luxury

A World of Luxury will surely redefine the meaning of a world luxury for you. It’s a 131-nights long extravaganza of adventure and luxury. Departing from Miami on January 6th, 2020, it will take you across several countries and continents and bring you back right where you started, on May 17th.

You’ll be visiting destinations like Salalah, Aqaba, Jerusalem, Athens, Rome, Tuscany, Barcelona, Monte Carlo, Hamilton, Luxor, Dubai, Muscat, Mangalore, Kochi, Mumbai, Colombo, Phuket, Penang, Goa, Singapore, Bali, Darwin, Brisbane, Sydney, Napier, Auckland, Bora Bora, Papeete, and Honolulu. The cruise boasts of the following onboard activities: spa, fitness center, jogging track, a pool grill, an onboard casino in case all Nektan casinos don’t satisfy you, Lounges, Boutiques, and even a library.

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