The Only First-Timer Cruise Tips You’ll Ever Need

Our Invaluable Cruise Tips for First Timers

The cruise industry is incredibly varied and diverse, bringing you nearly every entertainment and leisure option you can imagine across the spectrum. However, because of this, booking a cruise can be intimidating for first timers, especially if they have no idea what to expect.

With that said, there’s a special cruise out there for everyone, and if you are wondering how to get started or what you’re in for, have no fear! Check out our expert tips to get you au fait with the world of cruising in a matter of minutes. You’ll be sailing along like a pro in record time!

#1: Choose Your Cruise with Care

It’s important to do your homework before you book a cruise so that you know that your liner will boast the features and options you want for your vacation. You will need to consider the size of the ship you want to be aboard, what ports of call you wish to see, the kinds of on-board activities you are keen on, and much more. There is a lot to consider before booking, but as long as you cover most of your bases and choose a cruise that suits your unique age group and interests, you should be A for away.

#2: Pack Smartly

When packing for a cruise, you will need to think about the climate of the port you are leaving from and all of your port stops along the way, too. Layering is a great technique for covering all types of weather, so bring plenty of light jerseys, jackets, and clothes for summery weather as well. Additionally, make sure that all of your essentials are in your carry-on luggage as your actual suitcase can take some time to get to your room!

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#3: Budget Accordingly

Cruises and all of their attached activities can be pricey when all of the costs begin to mount. If you are happy to splash out, go right ahead – but if you have a budget to stick to, there are a few simple ways to achieve this. First and foremost, remember that you don’t have to disembark at every port your ship stops at. Day trips can drain your wallet very quickly unless you arrange them specially, and there’s nothing wrong with hanging back at the ship, meeting new people, and taking a load off. Most of the facilities on-board will stay open regardless, and it might also supply you with a great chance to snap some pictures without the crowds around.

#4: Dress for the Occasion

Being invited to sit at the captain’s table is more than just a myth. However, if you want one of these very exclusive invites, you will have to look the part! Dress up in style when you are first boarding, and if you are sharing your room with a special someone, consider a cabin welcome package too. These come complete with champagne, flowers and even balloons, making them perfect for special occasions like anniversaries and honeymoons.

#5: Explore What’s on Offer

By no means do you have to dine at the same buffet or do the same activities every day. There will likely be many different options available to you, especially when it comes to food, so be sure to explore all the restaurants and cafes available to you within your budget. If you are planning on dining away from the main hall, ask about this on arrival too. You might just bag yourself a complimentary bottle of wine!

#6:  Relax at the Spa

Cruise spas are there for your relaxation and enjoyment. Buy yourself a day pass and you can explore all the facilities they have to offer, or buy a week-long pass if you need some more R&R and extra time to browse the apps on your phone in peace. Remember, there are often discounts and specials on offer on embarkation and port days, so be sure to take advantage.

#7: Order Room Service

Most of the time, cruise room service is actually free, or can be obtained for a very nominal fee. It’s nothing like the hefty premium you shell out at a hotel! Tipping is generally recommended, but if you would like to enjoy a luxurious meal from the comfort of your suite and play some slots NZ in peace, it’s well worth it.

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