The Top No Brainer Casino Games You Must Play, Including Bingo

Casino Games That You Can Leap Into Immediately

The bedazzle and glamour of casinos are very attractive. Not to mention the many different games available for you to choose from and try your luck and earn some cash. This includes games that would need you to have a certain level of understanding as well as brain juices to get the action going. There are also those that require no thinking at all. 

If you are just up for a bit of fun, then you should try out these games that require no thinking at all. No strategy, no stress! Online players, you can see the best sites here.

Slot machines

Looking for a game that requires little to no thinking, this is the machine for you. This game is basically for just about anyone! Choose from the older three-reel games or for those who are more adventurous, opt for the newer video slot machines. 

All you need to do is to choose how many pay lines you would like to activate. Then decide from there how much you would be interested in betting for each pay line. Once that is done, simply pull the lever. For this game, just sit there and relax while you push the button over and over again until you are either satisfied or out of money. 

There are slot machines that come with set pay lines while there are also those that combine these pay lines with a set bet for every spin. In these cases, all you got to do is slot your coin in and play. 

A good tip to note would be to join the slot’s club or player’s club and always use the same card. In doing so, you can earn yourself some comps too!


Bingo! This is a very common game that almost everyone knows about. However, despite its popularity, not every casino offers a bingo parlour. In this game, all you have to do is purchase for yourself a card or pack of cards. Then on the card given to you, mark out the numbers that are being drawn out. The winner is determined by the first individual who is able to complete the designated pattern and shout out bingo first. This card will then be checked by the staff to ensure that it is true and then the prize will be collected. 

It might be a bit tricky at first, having to juggle between listening to the cards being called out as well as to look them up on your card. Luckily for you, it does not take long for you to pick up the pace and get used to it. Sadly, one thing about this game would be that it could be rather slow-paced thus your mind could easily drift off to somewhere else or end up being distracted in a conversation with other players nearby. 

Bingo is not only confined to the space of a casino, you can also find it elsewhere. It is a very common activity that you can even find being held at church or charity events, or even online. 

Casino War

Based on the popular children’s card game of war, this game requires you to simply make a bet before you and the dealer each take a card. The individual with a higher card wins the bet. Other than bets, you would also have to make a decision on ties. The best and most profitable option would be to choose to be in a war on ties that keeps the house edge as low as it can be. 

The Top No Brainer Casino Games You Must Play, Including Bingo | 29


Everyone has heard of roulette, it is a fun game that has a variety of betting options to choose from. However, this does not require you to use all of the options available to you. In this game, you would just have to pick a number and place a bet on it, if not you would pick the even money bets. What are even money bets? Well, these include odd, even, red, black, one to eighteen, nineteen to thirty-six. So for example, picking a single number to bet on it pays out thirty-five to one. And when it comes to even money pays the payout is one to one. 

Though single number bets do not happen as frequently, it does give you a good payout. If you are wishing to have more money in your pocket, then pick for even money bets. Once the bets have been placed, just sit back and relax while the croupier does everything for you. Once the balls as dropped into the spinning wheel after the wheel has been spun, those who win will be paid and those who need to pay up will have their bets collected. 


In this game, there are only three bets for you to make. Never take up any tie bets as they are always disadvantages. All you need to do is place your bets on another player or the banker. Then you just leave everything in the hands of the dealer. Those who win will be paid by the dealer. In this game, it is always good to bet on the banker. In doing so, the house edge is a little less than having placed a bet on a player. A commission is paid to the winning hands, says around five per cent by the banker bet. This is definitely better than betting on a player. 


In conclusion, when it comes to gambling, it is good to be fully aware and have a certain amount of knowledge on the game that you choose to play. this would help you to make better decisions while playing the game as well as to help you create a strategy. If you are looking for a place to rewind and relax while making a few bucks, head down to the casino and play these games too. Without having to think too much, these games would help you to relax and perhaps earn a little something on the side. 

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