The Trend of The Moment: Celebrity Theme Cruises

Few would have bet on its success, perhaps not even with a virgin casino promo code, but the second edition of the Cruise of Jericho also sold out months before departure.  After the first historic edition held in 2018 with the biggest names of the Wrestling federations such as NJPW, ROH, and Impact, the second edition of Chris Jericho’s famous cruise was also officially sold out.

This second edition will start from Miami, Florida and will then reach Nassau, Bahamas from 20 to 24 January 2020. Rock bands (Chris Jericho is also a musician) and authentic wrestling legends such as Ric Flair, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Diamond Dallas Page and other WWE Hall of Famers will be present throughout the four days.

Very Popular

The Cruise of Jericho, however, is only the most recent success of a very popular phenomenon, especially in the U.S. and in recent years: cruises with celebrities. These are normal trips and they do not necessarily take you to exotic places, but the main attraction is just the presence on board of famous people who, in different ways from time to time, interact with their fans. They are not normal cruises where there may be someone famous on board; these are trips where all the paying people are there because that particular VIP is present on the ship.

The Trend of The Moment: Celebrity Theme Cruises | 13
alt=”Chris Jericho’s Cruise” width=”960″ height=”960″ /> Chris Jericho’s Cruise was proven to be very popular with fans.

There are cruises with the Backstreet Boys, with the KISS, with the New Kids on the Block, with the players (especially ex-players, but not only) of American football teams, with Star Trek’s cast, as in this case, with the wrestler and TV musician Chris Jericho, with David Hasselhoff or with the singers Pitbull and Kid Rock.

KISS Kruise IX
KISS has had regular group cruises for many years now.

As Sean Mscisz, who works for Rose Tours and Travel and organizes the cruise with the Backstreet Boys, explained, it’s necessary to find famous people or groups that, even if they are no longer on the top of the charts, still have a solid fan base. Above all, they must be willing to interact with fans, not just to do a couple of concerts from the biggest stage of the ship. For many famous people, it’s becoming a normal thing without the shame that was felt until a while ago.

Unique Fan Access

The most difficult thing is to make famous people accessible and to ensure that everyone on board the ship can have a somewhat fulfilling experience but at the same time ensure their safety and privacy. Damian Williams – CEO of the Leadership League, which organizes cruises with professional football players – said: “Fans are invited to chat with the players, take pictures and play with them, but autographs are only allowed at special times”. There are also spaces reserved only for players and different events, with different players, organized at the same time in different corners of the ship, in order to disperse fans a little and not concentrate them all in the same place.

Many Types Of Cruises

To make cruises something truly unique, activities that are really out of the ordinary are also organized. The cruise dedicated to fans of the zombie TV series The Walking Dead includes the presence on board of actors who play some well-known characters (Deryl, Negan, Carl and Aarold) and, among other things, has a competition of belly diving in a red pool that looks like blood!

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