Things you might be surprised to know, you can’t do in Ship

For a large majority of the population, a vacation on a cruise ship is ideal. Thanks to the media, cinema and literature the idea of a cruise ship vacation has been romanticised. Just like using the internet and online websites to play Roulette games New Zealand can be super exciting, going on a cruise can be too. But just like any voyage across the sea, going on a cruise means following rules. Here are some of the things you might be surprised you can’t do in ships when on a cruise ship vacation.

You might not be allowed to socialise with the crew

Thanks to popular books and movies, most people think that the crew and the captain are allowed to freely mingle with the crew. But in reality, there are some cruise ships where passengers aren’t even allowed to shake hands with the captain even when boarding the ship. Additionally, the crew isn’t allowed to socialise with the passengers, and hence, you generally won’t be able to talk with most of the crew.

There is an age restriction on almost everything

Sometimes, there is an age restriction on who can enjoy a cruise ship vacation. Most adult cruise ship vacations don’t allow children below 8 years of age to board. When it comes to guest under the age of 21, they cannot come on the cruise alone and should be accompanied by an adult who is at least 25 years of age. Additionally, there are age restrictions on who can use the ship’s pool too. There are some restaurants and other designated spots on the cruise ship that is adult-only and, hence, restricted to people who are below 21 years of age.

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There is a restriction on what you can use

A number of things that can seem normal aren’t allowed on a cruise ship. The prime example of this is hair tools. This includes anything from dryers or any other hair styling tools. These are considered fire hazards and hence aren’t allowed on a cruise ship.

People cannot fly a kite on a ship. Though a ship’s deck might feel like the ideal place to fly a kite, in reality, passengers are prohibited from flying one on a ship. Drones also are among those devices that are prohibited from being flown on the ship. It is possible to carry a drone with you, but you aren’t allowed to fly it on the deck. Additionally, passengers aren’t allowed to bring and use bikes, scooter, hoverboards and such equipment onto cruise ships. This is to ensure the safety of other passengers and protect them from a collision.

Passengers aren’t allowed to bring their own alcohol onto cruise ships, and they might be charged corkage charges to drink their own alcohol. Finally, visitors aren’t allowed on cruise ships unless they are passengers too. So, you need to go down to meet and aren’t allowed to bring them up.

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