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Three wearable tech products worth investing in ahead of your cruise

Technology is booming in the modern world. Whether it’s a smartwatch worn on a celebrity cruise or a smartphone capable of capturing the perfect holiday snap, technology is everywhere. The options are endless, too. 

Wearable tech is the latest trend to hit our shelves, especially when it comes travelling abroad and enabling yourself to have a hassle-free, smooth holiday. Wearable tech can be used for a wide variety of functions too. Traditional forms of tech will always have its appeal, like mobile gamers enjoying access to games like Hawaiian treasure slots from a secure Canadian operator. Still, wearable tech appears to be garnering up huge interest. It is certainly the future, which is why so many wearable tech products are coming our way in 2020, with many of them capable of improving a cruise holiday. 

So, with Wi-Fi available on virtually all seagoing cruise ships, alongside the emergence of wearable technology, we thought we’d go through some the wearable tech that could help take your cruise experience to the next level. 

Voxos Bone Conduction Smart Glasses

While you’re relaxing out on the deck or checking out the bow, we all need sunglasses to protect our eyes and enable us to get around a tad more easily without being blinded by the light. But why not have a pair of sunglasses that can also play relaxing sounds through your ears, enabling you to make calls, or get help from a smart assistant thanks to an in-built mic, and are also waterproof so you don’t have to worry about any waves splashing against them? Well, that is exactly what the Voxos Bone Conduction Smart Glasses provide. They’re proving incredibly popular this year, especially with holiday goers keen to take in the sights but also remain in contact with friends and family. 

Elvie Double Electric Breast Pump

It can be incredibly stressful travelling on a ship with a small child to look after, with feeding a particular issue for some parents. Ideal for mum’s on the go, the Elvie Double Electric Breast Pump is a wearable electric pump which is discreet and silent for when you’re relaxing in the sun, thanks to it being incredibly slimline and easy to fit into your bra. The pump also has a helpful app allowing you to keep track of your milk volume and pumping history, among a whole host of other functions. Take the stress away from feeding your baby with a little help from the Elvie Double Electric Breast Pump. 

Fitbit Inspire HR Health & Fitness Tracker

Even when venturing out to sea, many guests like to stay on top of their fitness regimes and use a variety of facilities to make sure they do so. Many cruises have gyms and swimming pools, alongside having a few other fitness facilities which help keep things ticking over. But to really stay on top of your fitness programme and make sure you don’t slack off too much, the Fitbit Inspire HR Health & Fitness Tracker is the perfect cruise companion. Fitness trackers and smartwatches are the most common wearable tech gadgets out there, which is why so many people are excited for this latest gadget on the scene which enables users to keep a note of important stats and data, monitor your heart rate 24/7, it offers automatic training recognition for up to 15 activities, the watch will track your steps, as well as your calories burned, and a neat sleep tracking function. Overall, as far as fitness trackers go, this is a fantastic option. 

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