Tips for Sports Fans Who Like to Travel in Style

Cruise trips are now regarded as being hugely appealing for many different types of travelers. In fact, according to the Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association, 2017 saw a record number of passengers set sail, with close to 26 million people enjoying a cruise.

Yet, you might still wonder whether it is right for you. What if you are a keen sports fan who also like to travel in style? The truth is that you can enjoy plenty of sporting action while you are on board.

Watch the Big Games

You can have a terrific time watching games on a giant television screen. For example, with most Princess Cruises and Disney Cruise ships, they show the likes of big NBA and NFL matches on the outdoor movie screens. Enjoy the unique sensation of watching your team play while you are under the stars and far from home.

Many cruise liners also have sports bars where you can enjoy the action with a bunch of new friends. Traditional stadium food like hot dogs and burgers is often served, to add even more atmosphere to proceedings. This is just like visiting your favorite sports bar at home, but with the added benefit of it being part of a hugely relaxing vacation.

Use Wi-Fi to Catch the Latest News

What if you are keen on staying up to date with everything that is happening with your favorite team or star? In that case, using the on-board Wi-Fi is a simple way to follow everything that is going on. You can read blogs, watch the latest videos, or bet on sports after you have informed yourself by reading the latest news.

It is possible to hook up at any time, with some ships offering free internet and others charge for it. If you don’t have a mobile device with you then most vessels have internet rooms with computers, you can use. Which ships offer the best Wi-Fi? Royal Caribbean calls their Voom service that is available on every ship, “the fastest internet at sea”.

Take Part in Fantasy Sports and Quizzes

Cruise ship operators know that plenty of their guests love sports. This is why they set up interesting events such as quiz nights and fantasy sports competitions. These are exciting ways to spend some time taking it easy and doing something enjoyable.

Don’t forget that you will almost certainly be joined on your trip by many other sports fans. Do you know who won the Soccer World Cup in 1972? Which country hold the higher number of Olympic medals in gymnastics? Do you have the most accurate NFL Super Bowl predictions? Then these are for you!

This can be a great subject for letting you break the ice when speaking to fellow passengers for the first time. Competitions to look out for include Royal Caribbean’s Fantasy Football at Sea 2019 and Disney’s fantasy football draft on certain vessels.

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Play Some Sports Too

It is clear that many people head out on a cruise to relax and enjoy the good life for a few days. However, if you want to stay active then there is nothing to stop you from doing this as well. The best liners offer an exciting range of things to do that will get your adrenaline racing and put a smile on your face.

Table tennis, shuffleboard, and paddle tennis are among the most commonly seen sports on cruise trips. In addition, mini golf is popular out on the high seas. Some ships also provide putting greens or driving range areas. You might also get to try out the basketball court, soccer field, rock climbing zone, or any one of a number of other sports.

Before booking your next cruise, it is a good idea to see what sporting activities you will be able to enjoy. The chances are that this will turn into a fabulous vacation filled with as much sporting fun as you can handle.

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