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Top Gay travel destinations in the US

If you and your partner are looking for a fun, gay-friendly destination, then all you may need to do is jump in the car and drive over to the next state! In fact, if you are looking to chill out in small towns, enjoy the hustle and bustle of a big city or even kick back in nature, there are a variety of destinations across the US that will not only more than meet with your desires, they are also incredibly open to LGBT travelers too. So whatever your budget, interests or dream vacation, you are sure to find the ideal travel destination just for you.

New Orleans

Mardi Gras might only be once a year, but this is a city that has soul and jazz oozing out of its every pore all

 year round, topping the charts as a gay travel destination. New Orleans is known as the gay capital of the south and is a city that is known nationwide for its tolerance and openness. In fact, much of its lengthy history has included the lesbian and gay population. Head to the French Quarter and Marigny for a variety of bars, clubs and restaurants that will make your head and heart sing. If you visit during carnival time, then quite literally anything goes. So get ready to pack your sequins, feathers and get ready to let your inner diva out.

San Francisco

The city on the bay has long been home to a buzzing and vibrant gay scene, with the first ever rainbow flag proudly raised here in 1978. Head to the Castro District, known for being the true LGBT center of this dynamic city, while if you are keen to learn more about the LGBT movement then head to the GLBT History Museum or enjoy a drink or two in the Twin Peaks Tavern, known for being the first gay bar. Stylish and gay-friendly San Francisco is a must-see if you are keen to tantalize and tempt your senses.

New York

The Big Apple is known for being a city that truly never sleeps, and welcomes all sexualities with open arms into its beating heart. Although not entirely a restful vacation break, New York is known for celebrating diversity. The city’s history has also been tied to the LGBT scene, with riots breaking out back in 1969 at the Stonewall Inn, well into the West Village – known today for being the buzzing and busy gay-friendly neighborhood. However, breaking out to Manhattan will also mean you can still keep partying and exploring. Head to clubs such as XL Nightclub and OUT NYC, for a once in a lifetime night out, while if you still have some energy left the next day then head to Broadway to grab a show.


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This might not be top of your list, but only a short drive into Pennslyvania sits Pittsburgh, right on the banks of the Allegheny and Monongahela rivers. Once famed for its cotton mills and industrial heritage, Pittsburgh has now morphed into something of a cultural hotspot, home to museums, art galleries, attractions and bars celebrating its diverse history and ties to immigration. If you’re looking for a fun, action-packed activity during your visit, then be sure to stop Pittsburgh Escape Game. While if you are keen to dig deeper into this overlooked city, then all it takes is a stroll around some of its colorful neighborhoods. Although it lacks a central gay neighborhood, there are plenty of gay-friendly establishments across this city, so head to Lawrenceville and the Strip District for starters. A large gay population still lives along the Mexican War Streets, a neighborhood that dates back to 1848. If you are keen to experience Pittsburgh in full swing, then make sure you plan your visit for Pride Pittsburgh, held annually in June.


Miami is known for being an all-out party town, which has been highly rated for its swish locals, wild-weekend parties and singles scenes. If you are new to Miami and feeling slightly overwhelmed, then you can head to the LGBT Visitor Center in South Beach, to help you to get your bearings. If you are a self-confessed sun worshipper, then head to the gay-friendly beaches to soak up some rays and enjoy an afternoon of beautiful people watching. On South Beach, 12th Street Beach is the most well-known, but head to Haulover Beach Park slightly further north if you fancy spending a quieter afternoon. Come sun down; beachside bars will turn into trendy eateries and bars, so make sure that you pack some smart clothes if you want to go out and paint the town red.

Palm Springs

Palm Springs has attracted hippies and freethinkers for decades, thanks to its laidback Southern California attitude, with Palm Springs acting as something of a hub for visitors to this beautiful area. Be sure to visit in the spring to enjoy the party scene: Dinah girl lesbian festival and White Party for gay guys. However, no matter the time of year that you decide to take a trip, you will be able to enjoy pool parties, hikes and a variety of restaurants and cafes that will welcome you into its chilled-out atmosphere, meaning you are soon to feel at home in no time.

If you are looking to plan your next vacation and are trying to find a visit that is gay-friendly, then you will be spoilt for choice. From the carnival party scene of Miami, New York, and New Orleans, to the hippy chilled-out vibe that awaits you in Palm Springs, it may even be difficult for you to make a choice. If you are looking for a trip that also combines history and culture, then head to Pittsburgh, where you are sure to be pleasantly surprised. While the stunning city on the bay, San Francisco, will awaken your sense and make you feel inspired, thanks to its diverse restaurants, bars, and sites of interests. So what are you waiting for? Get booking.

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