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Updated Luggage And Packing Tips For Cruise Travelers

If you have not traveled for a while you’re in for a surprise or two when it comes time to check your luggage and get on a plane.   While cruise lines still have no restrictions on the amount of luggage you can bring on board, many airlines are charging  fees for checked bags.  Restrictions on carry-on items are tighter too. Many travelers are finding themselves downsizing in the luggage department.   Consider these tips when buying luggage for your next cruise:

  1. Customize Luggage – Consider where you’re going and what you’re packing before you shop for new luggage. This will determine the quantity and size of luggage you’ll need. Also consider that you will probably travel someplace else in your lifetime.   A good way to get an idea of how much luggage space is needed: put everything that might go in luggage in a neatly folded pile on a bed or open space.
  2. Cruise CompeteShop Value, not price – Set a budget before shopping. This will help steer you in the direction of quality luggage brands you can afford. A good luggage store or online distributor that specializes in all types of luggage will give the advice based on individual budget and travel needs.
  3. What Kind? – Decide whether you want soft or hard-case luggage. Heavier, hard-sided suitcases offer far better protection for fragile items. Soft luggage is lighter and bends when smashed up against or rolled over by an airplane.  Regardless of which sort of luggage chosen, roll clothes to get the most out of the space available.
  4. Quality is supreme – Look for quality zippers, latches and locks that are heavy-duty enough to support the weight the bag was designed to hold. Critical seams and attachment points for webbing should be bar-tacked. You should not have to buy luggage again because it wore out.
  5. What Size? – Make sure the bags fits your airline’s approved size for checked and/or carry-on luggage. The cruise line has no limits or restrictions on luggage but less is better here too because we still need to unpack at the beginning of the cruise and unpack at the end. Choose a size that’s appropriate for the length of your trip. Keep in mind the possibility of needing to accommodate unexpected items or expand for a longer trip.

One really good way to buy appropriately sized and equipped luggage is to plan on walking your own luggage on and off the ship.   You’ll save time going both directions and virtually eliminate the possibility of your luggage being lost or handled roughly by porters and cruise ship stewards.

Other Luggage And Packing Tips To Consider

All of the above said, there are some extra steps we can take that affect what luggage we use:

  • Plan On Using The Ship’s Laundry Service to reduce the amount of clothing needed on your cruise.
  • Formal Wear- Most cruise lines have relaxed their dress code to where a nice sport jacket with no tie works for men and a sweater set sort of ensemble works for ladies.
  • A Travel Vest like the SCOTTeVEST I use saves a whole lot of space and lets me carry most of the really important stuff with me. Learn more about the amazing SCOTTeVEST by watching the video be

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