3 Fun Vacation Ideas for Your Bachelorette Reunion Weekend

Ten years ago, four of your best friends stood by you as you said “I do” at your wedding. To celebrate your nuptials, your friends hosted an epic bachelorette weekend in Las Vegas that included shows and pool time as well as plenty of adult beverages.

Fast forward to today, and you are still as close as ever to these amazing friends. So much so, the five of you want to celebrate the tenth anniversary of your bachelorette weekend with a special group vacation. Here are a few ideas of where to gather on your getaway:

The Mohonk Mountain House

If you live in or around New York or don’t mind flying to get to your bachelorette reunion, the Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz, New York offers something for everyone. Enjoy hiking, horseback riding and swimming in a lake during the summer or ice skating and snow tubing in the winter. There is a spa for pampering days, tennis, golf, an indoor pool and over 100 fireplaces perfect for curling up with your besties and some books. Oh, and Mohonk Mountain House also happens to look like a Victorian castle, with 265 rooms set on a 2,200-acre property, so the entire experience can’t help but be incredible.

Cruise to Alaska

Another great group vacation idea is an Alaska cruise. Alaska cruise vacations can be customized for whatever you and your friends wish to do. For instance, you might want to experience a number of Alaska cruise ports and book an Alaska land and sea tour that includes stops at Denali National Park or the Yukon. Or, if you want to take lots of selfies with your friends with the Space Needle in the background, the best Alaska cruise for you would be a week-long vacation that leaves out of and returns to Seattle, Washington. Text your friends and see what everyone wants to experience during the trip and then plan your Alaska cruise tour based on these wish lists. 

Back to Vegas

You had such a fun time in Vegas 10 years ago, why not head back there for your bachelorette reunion? Hotels and most venues are open, and shows like The Blue Man Group are back up and running. If gambling is your thing, by all means you can hit the slots and blackjack tables, or maybe you’ll want to lounge by the hotel pool in the shade and gab for hours. With its myriad of malls and shops, including the always-fun M&M store, you can definitely find plenty to keep you happily busy while you are there. You could also take a day trip over to Hoover Dam or take a short drive to Lake Mead if you feel like dipping out of the city for a bit.

Enjoy Celebrating Your Friendship

Good friends can be hard to find, and you are blessed to have four of them. You cannot wait to get together and spend time as a group. Now you just need to decide — should you visit a huge East Coast resort, book an Alaskan cruise or return to Sin City? You can’t go wrong with these options and with your best friends in tow are guaranteed to have a great time.

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