What It’s Like to Be a High Stakes Player

Most people wonder how it feels to be a high stakes player at a casino. Well, some high stakes players get used to their status. But most gamblers lose their sleep over the high amount of money they lose when gambling at high-stake casinos. They agonize over their decisions in costly tournaments. However, most players get used to playing with a lot of money after some time.

For this reason, some high stakes players start to play for amounts that exceed the general, actual living cost. Essentially, they start playing for money that trumps life expenses by a landslide. That’s why a high roller can endure a lonely feeling and darkness after losing a massive amount of money while gambling. However, winning a single game can be a life-changing experience due to the high rewards involved.

While avoiding the adrenaline rush is almost inevitable, skilled and experienced high stakes players know how to manage emotions and make accurate decisions. And this enables them to overcome short-term obstacles to win life-changing rewards. Essentially, being a high stakes player requires a gambler to master managing emotions. That’s because it entails handling high stakes, losses, prizes, and emotions. You also have to make life-changing decisions at some points.

What It’s Like to Be a High Stakes Player | 24
What It’s Like to Be a High Stakes Player 9

Who Are the High Rollers? 

Luxury, opulence, and significant expenses are some of the terms that describe high rollers. High rollers are gamblers that consistently bet large cash amounts. Also called a cheetah or a whale, a high roller often gets lavish comps from a casino to attract them into the gambling scene. Such comps may include a free private jet and limousine transfers. They also enjoy complimentary access to the best suites at casinos. In addition, some casinos extend credit to high rollers to keep them betting.

On average, a high roller spends around $25 per bet on a slot machine and $100 per bet on a table game. Nevertheless, the amount of money that separates ordinary gamblers from high rollers can vary from one casino to another or one game to another. Most casinos offer privileges to high rollers to attract more such players because they can increase their profits significantly.

Apart from wagering a large amount of money, a player must become a consistent or long-term client of a casino to become a high roller. Ideally, you must show a casino that you’re ready to spend a lot of money gambling to be declared a high roller. In some cases, a casino can reward a high roller’s efforts after playing high-stake games for a year. Nevertheless, some online casinos will invite you into their VIP club after several months.

Benefits that High Rollers Get? 

High rollers are gamblers with access to the VIP section or most restricted areas of a casino. These gamers go all in because of the high rewards that come with their activities. While online casinos may not offer high rollers perks like free tickets, limo, and private jet transfers, they give these gamers other benefits. Here are the primary benefits of becoming a high roller at a casino.

VIP Bonuses 

Most online casinos offer exclusive promotions and welcome bonuses to their customers. However, these offers can’t compare to any of the deals they give high rollers. A whale can get a cash bonus several times more than a regular gambler upon depositing the first amount. What’s more, being a high-stake player entitles you to more loyalty points for every stake. Online casinos also give high rollers anniversary and birthday bonuses.

What It’s Like to Be a High Stakes Player | 24
What It’s Like to Be a High Stakes Player 10

Exclusive Games 

Regular gamblers rush to try a new game once an online casino announces it. However, high rollers don’t have to queue to play the new game. Instead, most casinos send exclusive invitations to high rollers to try a new game even before its introduction to the public. Since a high roller is a VIP player, they get individual access to the latest games.

Special Withdrawals 

High rollers deposit and win large amounts of money from their gambling activity. Once you become a high roller at a casino, you don’t have to deal with low deposit or withdrawal limits. Your limits can even be ten times those of regular players. Also, the withdrawal times for high rollers are shorter than those of ordinary gamblers.

Credit Lines 

A high roller enjoys extended credit lines to enable them to continue chasing losses or playing even after running their account dry. Most casinos extend credit lines for high stakes players to keep their shows running and attract more players.

Personalized Chances 

Most casino tables limit the maximum amount a gambler can place. However, high rollers don’t have to worry about this limit. For instance, if a table allows a regular gambler to play for $50, it can enable a high roller to play for up to $20,000. While the rules of different casinos differ when it comes to limits, all a high stakes player needs is to inform the casino about their spending intentions. The higher the amount a gambler plays for, the higher their potential winnings.

What Games Do High Rollers Choose to Bet? 

Casinos are about games, wins, losses, and bonuses. High stakes make the gaming experience more intense. But the idea of gambling is to have fun, though big-spenders hope to get rewards from their activity. High roller casinos have many games for high rollers. Here are some of the games that high rollers choose to bet on at most casinos.

Jackpot Slots 

When starting to gamble at a casino, you might opt to avoid slots because they are games of luck and chance. And it’s unlikely that you can win an enormous amount of money playing slot games. However, you can find jackpot slots reserved for high rollers that want to spend a lot of money playing a single game. For instance, you stand a chance to win a good amount of money playing online slots for real money at Las Atlantis. Jackpot slots can award you massive cash prizes you might not get with other casino games. While these games are ideal for high rollers, you can spend a small amount per bet and still win a significant cash prize. Nevertheless, jackpot slots are suitable for high rollers because they are mainly about spending a lot of money.


Every gambler knows about roulette, considering its global popularity. The fact that playing this game is easy makes it highly popular among gamblers. However, beating this game is not easy. What’s more, roulette is a fast-paced game, and this makes it a perfect choice for high rollers searching for the adrenaline rush and gambling thrills.

This casino game allows high rollers to enjoy high stakes, translating to increased risks. Today, high rollers don’t have to visit land-based casinos to play this game. Instead, online casinos offer roulette games, including live dealer tables that allow players to participate via a live stream. And this option attracts many punters across the globe. Currently, live roulette is among the casino games that most high rollers prefer because of the many exclusive tables they get with sky-high table stakes.

What It’s Like to Be a High Stakes Player | 24
What It’s Like to Be a High Stakes Player 11


Many high rollers prefer betting on high stakes blackjack instead of regular blackjack. When a high roller goes to a blackjack table, they don’t want to play with a $100 bet. Instead, they use their deep pocket to bet thousands of dollars during the first round. And this can progress into millions as the fun increases.

A high roller does not visit a casino and start gambling. Every whale has several years of gambling experience. Many gamblers have become high rollers by taking advantage of online gambling. That way, many gamers have learned the ropes of casino games and advanced their skills.

You can also find guides on the internet to help you become a high roller. Essentially, high rollers have effective blackjack strategies that enable them to win this game. And this gives them the confidence to bet ridiculously high amounts at exclusive tables.


Baccarat is also an iconic game for high rollers. This game belongs to the classic genre, and its popularity grew when James Bond declared that it is his favorite. Most people know Agent 007 as a famous Baccarat player. In his movies, this agent doesn’t play with low-stakes.

What’s more, learning Baccarat is easy, and you can grasp most strategies within hours. However, this game can be challenging for some people. Perhaps, this explains why some punters invest exorbitant amounts of money in this game every day.

Moreover, most high rollers prefer this game due to the entertainment it provides. Baccarat entertains even the most demanding players. In this game, the player with the highest points after dividing their card values by ten wins. Most high rollers prefer this game because it requires attention and some skills to win.

As long as a high roller knows what they are doing, they can win a good amount of money. Thus, this game is different from the others, where winning is about luck rather than skills and attention.

What It’s Like to Be a High Stakes Player | 24
What It’s Like to Be a High Stakes Player 12


Poker is another game that most high rollers prefer. This card game involves several gamblers betting against a dealer. Playing poker is about betting that you have the best hand. As long as a high roller knows this game, they stand a better winning chance. Like Baccarat, this game requires strategies and skills. And with the high stakes involved, a gamer stands an opportunity to get bigger winnings than the amount they spend betting.


Gamblers play this card game against a dealer. In blackjack, the objective is to get a value higher than a dealer without exceeding 21. For most people, blackjack is typically a game of luck. However, high rollers that bet vast amounts of money on this game have winning strategies and skills. Blackjack is a casino game that some people win most of the time. And this makes it a favorite choice for some high rollers. The winning odds are also very high when playing blackjack, close to 49%. What’s more, the house edge for blackjack is typically lower.

Prominent High Rollers

Gamblers describe high rollers differently. However, a common way to describe high rollers is using the games they prefer betting on at casinos. Here are some of the high rollers you can find in most casinos.

Poker High Rollers 

Poker high rollers are gamblers that consistently roll the top numbers, ending up richer. However, this term can also refer to individuals with a high-flying lifestyle and a lot of money. Nevertheless, a high poker roller is a player that frequently participates in high stake games. Ideally, this term includes wealthy people that splash around high-stake poker games.

What It’s Like to Be a High Stakes Player | 24
What It’s Like to Be a High Stakes Player 13

Baccarat High Rollers

Baccarat high rollers are also individuals that enjoy spending a lot of money playing this game. The excellent payouts that a gambler can get from playing this game for a short time are among the reasons why many high stakes players find it attractive. Some high rollers play up to 50 games within an hour. And this provides the opportunity to win significant amounts of money within a short time.

However, some high rollers don’t prefer this game because of the potential winnings. Instead, they want other players at the table to know they are the boss. Thus, money provides a way of keeping score.

Baccarat has always caused disputes among high rollers. Some poker players don’t touch this game, despite the high amounts of money involved. Nevertheless, some high rollers prefer this game because it provides a chance to make good money fast.

Blackjack High Rollers

Blackjack high rollers are gamblers that bet high amounts per hand when playing this game. In most cases, high stakes for blackjack starts from $50 or $100 per hand. However, some high stakes players bet for higher amounts than this when playing blackjack. For instance, a casino can have a blackjack table where high rollers can wager up to $2,000. Stakes can even exceed this amount in some casinos.

Most high stakes players want to enjoy an exclusive experience. That’s because they don’t want to deal with people that ask irrelevant questions or don’t know what they’re doing. Thus, high rollers want to focus on implementing their blackjack strategy and winning big while enjoying an exclusive gambling experience.

Can Poker Be Considered a Full-Fledged Sport?

The insane popularity of poker has prompted many people to wonder whether to consider it a full-fledged sport. Well, this card game depends on skill and luck. What’s more, playing this game is fun, with an aura that celebrities constantly depict in movies. In addition, this game has a unique charm that’s made it famous than other casino games like roulette and blackjack.

Many poker enthusiasts argue that this game should be considered a full-fledged sport. A person that plays this card game to kill time might not consider it a sport. However, anybody that has taken time to master it will think otherwise. Skilled and experienced poker players argue that this game is a real sport. And they don’t see it as being inferior to chess in terms of intellectuality and complexity.

Playing poker involves rivalry, bluff, and mathematical calculations. And these are aspects of an intellectual game. When playing this game, gamblers use their ability to calculate moves and determine events’ probability ahead of their opponents to compete.

What It’s Like to Be a High Stakes Player | 24
What It’s Like to Be a High Stakes Player 14

The need to use poker skills to win makes it a skill game. For this reason, poker can be considered a sport whose winning chances depend on knowledge, skills, and experience. Unlike football and tennis, poker does not depend on random factors. However, people still consider them sports that have earned some people fortunes.

Winning a poker game requires a gambler to apply their skill and make accurate mathematical calculations. In addition, poker requires psychological and intellectual data to succeed. And these might not have anything to do with gambling.

While poker hasn’t featured anywhere as one of the Olympic disciplines, it’s a full-fledged sport that many people enjoy, like roller sports, karate, and rugby. And many people hope that poker will soon feature in the Olympic competition once organizers start seeing it as a full-fledged sport.

In Which Tournaments Do High Rollers Participate?

Casino tournaments are thrilling events that attract many high rollers. These tournaments are profitable contests for competitors and operators, involving players rivaling other gamers or staking rooms. And thousands of high rollers take part in these competitions. Here are some of the tournaments in which high rollers can participate.


High roller championships involve different tournaments that differ by the games they feature. The betting room of an online casino, for instance, can arrange competitions in which participants play slots and earn maximum points by spinning a specific game’s reels. Such competitions can be paid or free. The reward can be very low for free competition, meaning the player might spend more than they win.


A buy-in is a competition with an entry payment. It comprises an investment to a prize pool, and a casino charges the participant. For instance, a high roller can pay $1,000 for the reward pool and a betting room. The entry investment for this high roller tournament can even hit the $25,000 mark, with the audience for most buy-ins comprising professional gamers and high rollers. Most participants in buy-ins prefer skill-based games like blackjack and poker. That’s because they want to exercise their skills, exhibit their professionalism, and win millions or thousands of dollars.

Satellite Tournaments

What It’s Like to Be a High Stakes Player | 24
What It’s Like to Be a High Stakes Player 15

Not every high roller can pay the buy-in amount to enter a global championship. In that case, a high roller can start by participating in less valuable tournaments before qualifying for a more significant competition. Satellite contests provide qualifying competitions. With satellite tournaments, a gambler climbs to high-stake competitions from low-stake matches.

These competitions allow gamblers with low experience to sharpen their skills while investing small amounts. Furthermore, completing these stages enables a gamer to compete with successful players at a global level. Thus, a player participates in satellite tournaments to help them develop exceptional skills to exhibit at a worldwide level.

Turbo & Super Turbo

Gamblers that find common contests boring participate in turbo & super turbo tournaments. These competitions entail making stakes very fast. Blind levels for these games increase quickly, leaving gamers with limited betting time. And this raises the adrenalin rush for gamers. Ideally, these tournaments require mad skills and extreme reactions. Participating in these tournaments means you can win much faster and increase your casino bankroll. Unfortunately, you can also lose your money very fast and go bankrupt.

Freeze-out Tournaments

Freeze-out tournaments are among the most common competitions for high rollers. It entails the use of minimum and maximum bankrolls during a match. Typically, high rollers require $100,000 to participate in these tournaments. If high roller loses this amount before the end of a contest, they must exit the competition.

Is It Better for High Rollers to Play in an Online or Offline Casino?

Online casinos are becoming increasingly popular by the day. But the sophistication of online casinos is a primary reason why most high rollers prefer gambling online. However, some high rollers are unsure whether to play in online or offline casinos. Here’s why playing in online casinos is better than gambling offline for high rollers.

What It’s Like to Be a High Stakes Player | 24
What It’s Like to Be a High Stakes Player 16
  • Safety: High rollers need a lot of money to gamble. And this exposes them to thieves that may want to steal the money they win at land-based casinos. Playing online eliminates this risk because a high roller doesn’t have to leave a house or office to gamble.
  • Diversity: Online casinos offer more casino games for high rollers than land-based or offline casinos. That means a high roller will have a chance to choose the games to play from a large selection of slots, specialty games, and table games.
  • Smooth gameplay: Playing at an offline casino can sometimes be challenging. That’s because you may have to wait in queue or allow the casino some time to fix a faulty machine. However, playing on an online casino makes the experience smoother for a high roller. That’s because the gamer doesn’t have to walk around with chips or find change.
  • Bonuses and payout options: Online casinos offer more rewards and payouts for high rollers. With online casinos, gamers enjoy free spins, deposit bonuses, and free cash when gambling. Some of these options are only a dream for offline casinos.

Final Thoughts

High stakes players have a special place at most casinos. They also enjoy more perks, and their overall gaming experience is better than that of regular gamblers. Nevertheless, high rollers must spend more money at online casinos to maintain their status.

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