Why You Should Book A Hotel Before Your Cruise Vacation

What could be worse than planning a cruise vacation and then missing your ship? It could and unfortunately does happen. It can happen to anyone. On a recent cruise we chose to drive to Miami the day of our cruise. It was a Sunday so weekday traffic would not be an issue. So we packed up and headed out on the road. Of Course we had to stop for some fresh doughnuts and coffee to make the long drive easier. Then it happened, we had forgot to leave something important for our house sitter. We had to turn back. We were already 1.5hrs into a 4.5 hour drive to Miami.

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This is just one of many real reasons you should book a hotel the night before your cruise. No matter the city, be it Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa or even Goa hotels. As long as the location puts you in a safe proximately to easily reach your ship the day of your cruise. This is also why many cruisers insist on buying travel insurance. Even if your flying to the port the day of your cruise. How can you predict your plane won’t be delayed or you might miss a connecting flight?  Should you really risk all the money and time you spent planning your vacation? So please consider booking a hotel the day before in or near the cruise port your will be visiting. Here are just a few more reasons to help you.

Hotel Room before your cruise vacation.
What better reason to start your cruise vacation earlier?

Start Your Vacation Earlier

One of the biggest stresses is the first day of your cruise. You may have to travel by car or even air to reach your ship. Why not make this day easier by going a day early. You can stay near your ship and extend your vacation. You can then have the day to relax and even explore nearby sights in your port city. While other cruisers are running around in a frenzy you can be relaxing poolside with a drink in your hand. Then the next morning you can make your way to the cruise port at your leisure. Unrushed and undisturbed by the pressure to reach the ship on time.

Don't risk breaking down on the way to your cruise port.
Don’t risk missing your ship. Travel the day before at a leisurely pace.

Delays, Flat Tires and Warning Lights

Would you normally gamble something you saved up for and waited months to do? Probably not. So why would you risk missing your ship the day of your cruise. Unfortunately, this is what a majority of cruisers do everyday. Having traveled regularly, It is not a question of when you will be delayed but, a question of when it will happen. I could list many things hat could and do go wrong. Don’t be that person. You go on vacation to help relieve stress from your everyday life and enjoy time together as a family. Take this advice and be a happy cruiser.

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