Why Your Children Will Love New Orleans

New Orleans may often be seen as the adult vacation spot: but it’s not just for grownups!  This city has enough fun for anyone of any age and will leave kids thrilled and excited to come back time and time again.

Here are the top things kids will love about NOLA that will make it your go-to vacation spot!

The Fun Spooky Ghost Stories

Although this may scare some younger kids, most children enjoy a good ghost story.  New Orleans is covered in fun stories ranging from Napoleon to haunted bars and hotels.  There are even ghost walk tours where people dress in period clothing and talk about the city’s history.  You may not think that this is as thrilling as it sounds: but getting to go around and see the city as an adventure can be fun.

The Incredible Music Scene

There’s nothing kids love as much as fun music and dancing!  New Orleans is coated in bands and musicians who are vying for your attention.  Kids will love that there’s music wherever you go and can dance out their extra energy before you have to load them into the car or take them back to the hotel for the night.  You can talk to them about what types of music they like and expand how they understand musicians and instruments.  

The Best Food In The Country

Although New Orleans has a reputation for putting a lot of spice on their food (and it’s always delicious!), don’t fear these dishes scaring away your kids.  In between spice is a lot of southern comfort food that will make anyone feel at home. Also, broadening your child’s taste for foods through travel can help them be more willing to try new things and make them less picky if they usually won’t touch veggies!

Live Entertainment To Thrill

Beyond the music, live entertainment is an entire scene in NOLA.  From the fun live theater to the incredible performances you can find on the streets, kids will feel like this city is an endless theme park of entertainment and magic.  If they’re getting overwhelmed, you can take them through a walk at the beautiful Audubon Zoo and Aquarium, where animals can continue the show and have your child cheering.  Getting to be a part of all of this fun and excitement can make New Orleans houses for sale feel like they’re calling to you.

Mardis Gras World Complex

Although Mardis Gras isn’t usually family-friendly: the complex where they build the floats is!  Walk through this live exhibit where visitors can look at the history of floats in New Orleans and see the floats coming up in the new year.  Getting to see these larger-than-life characters can be a lot of fun and will leave anyone having the time of their life while learning a little more about this holiday the city is so passionate about.

New Orleans may be known as an adult vacation destination: but kids can still have the time of their lives while they visit!

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